Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Last week seemed to go by extremely slow so when the weekend finally came around, I was looking forward to some fun and time with my husband and family

Friday afternoon Jonah decided to go on a mission to feed the birds in our front yard. He grabbed a loaf of bread and sprinkled pieces all over the sidewalk. Our sweet neighbor, Colleen, across the street saw him and brought over a bag of birdseed to give to him. He was so excited. He sprinkled it all over the driveway and the walkway up to our house. He came inside and was
ecstatic when he saw the first bird land the others that followed to enjoy the treat he left for them.

Then the proud mom moment came. He walked over to my desk, took one of his thank you cards out of the drawer, grabbed his marked and sat down at the kitchen table to write Colleen a thank you card. He added a few Star Wars stickers to the note and then asked me if he could run across the street to hand deliver it to her. Very proud of my sweet boy!

On Saturday I took Meredith to her friend Tatum's birthday party at Build-A-Bear. She had a lot of fun building her bear and then pushing her in a stroller through the mall with her friends. After the party I took her on the carousel a few times before heading home.

Saturday night we were invited to dinner with friends we met through Jonah and Meredith's school. Jonah and their son went to private preschool together and we have become friends over the last couple of years. We had such a great time and it was nice to have an adult night out.

Our first stop was at Landon Winery in downtown McKinney. We had their 5 Barrel Blend and it was fabulous.

Landon Winery Patio

Afterwards we stopped by the McKinney Wine Merchant and picked up a couple more bottles of wine for dinner since our restaurant was BYOB. The shop was so cute and they had so many unique wines that I had never even heard of. I am looking forward to going back and spending more time exploring! I also found out they also have door to door delivery. Um, how awesome is that?

We picked up a Shiraz and then this Grenache. I had never had Grenache before so I was looking forward to trying it out and I will say the flavor was fabulous. Smooth but with hints of spicy fruit and at $20 a bottle a steal.

Daniel Gehrs Grenache 2007, Santa Ynez Valley CA - Click Image to Close

Next up, we headed across the street for dinner at Gregory's Bistro (the same place I had one of my birthday dinners). We ordered the steamed mussels which were served in a Chipotle butter sauce and it was heavenly. We also had the cheese plate which is one of my favorites. For dinner, I had the chef's special which was pan seared scallops served with lobster mashed potatoes. Josh had the Chilean sea bass with lobster risotto and asparagus. Their food is so good you want to savor every bite! For dessert Josh had the chocolate creme brulee and I had the champagne with fresh strawberries.

It was such a fun night! Good conversation, Good food and wine and Good friends!

On Sunday Josh met one of his friends for lunch at North Park and surprised me with these from Tory Burch when he came home! He knows and appreciates my TB obsession. It's just one of the many many reasons I love him so much!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

The weather was fabulous this weekend so we stayed outside as much as we could.

On Friday evening we had a play date and dinner with my friend Kelly. The kids played outside the entire time and we sat outside and drank wine! A perfect way to end the long week!

On Saturday, I took Jonah to his good friend Torin's birthday party at Legoland in Grapevine. He had been before on a field trip with school but I had never been! What a fun place! We will definitely be going back again soon!

After Torin's party, I took Meredith to her best friend River's birthday party. They had a blast on the Fun Bus and eating Tinkerbell cupcakes.

Everyone was tired Saturday night so we stayed in. The kids watched movies and I enjoyed some time curled up on the couch reading the new Allure magazine and drinking hot tea.

Sunday after washing and putting up five loads of laundry and finishing up some minor organization projects around the house, we spent the afternoon outside. Jonah had his first friend come to the door and actually say "Can Jonah come out and play?" It was one of those moments you realize they are really growing up!

Of course that meant that Meredith also wanted to go out and play so I decided to take her around the neighborhood on her scooter so the boys could play by themselves.

After the sun went down we came inside, took baths, ordered pizza for dinner and watched movies until bedtime! A perfect ending to a busy but fun weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a good week!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Add a Dash of Sassy

Meredith was fashionably ready for today’s colder temperatures. As my husband’s cousin Kathy wrote on Facebook this morning – “I think the next Elle Woods has arrived! Watch out Harvard Law!” Love it!!

IMG_2863 edited

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years

Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures from New Year’s Eve this year. After coming home from ice skating, we had a fabulous dinner with Opa and Oma but then I started feeling really bad and suddenly got a migraine so we hung out and watched movies but I felt so bad I finally had to go lay down. So I didn’t see the ball drop this year! Boo!

But today, I felt much better so Susan (Oma) and I drank several mimosas and after lunch we moved on to pomegranate and champagne. We snacked on dips and relaxed inside by the fire! It was the perfect way to kick off a New Year!!

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