Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of Official Pre-K

in his uniform (sniff, sniff)

They. grow. up. too. fast.


I’m going to be a wreck on the first day of Kindergarten!

To make matters worse I listened to this song over and over today! 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

End of Soccer Bash – Summer 2010

Jonah hosted an End of Soccer Bash after their last game on Saturday. Team Lightening had a great season so we had a reason to celebrate! Some of our friends weren’t able to make it to the party but we still had a great time! Jonah is looking forward to another season with his team this fall!

IMG_2352 copy

The cupcakes Jonah picked out

 IMG_2369 copy

Jonah receiving his trophy

IMG_2376 copy

Bryant, Cade, and Jonah with the coaches

IMG_2392 copy 

Go Team Lightening!

IMG_2427 copy

Love these guys!

IMG_2431 copy

Team Mascot – Titan

IMG_2454 copy

Meredith enjoying the green icing on the cupcakes!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Movie Night

We had the entire family present for family movie night (except Meredith because the princess needs her beauty rest so she goes to bed at 8pm): Buzz, Woody, Spot, “E” (the Elephant), Curious George, Spidey (the Bear), Jonah, Josh and of course Riley who blends in quite nicely with the rest of the bunch!

IMG_2312 copy

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tutu Cute!

Here is my attempt at capturing Miss M in her fun tutu. I was hoping the lollipop would entice her to sit still for a few minutes but it didn’t really work out that way. This is the only shot I was able to capture of her actually sitting. I forgot how hard to is to take their picture at this age. You would think she would be used to my camera by now. Jonah sees me pick it up and instantly poses and says cheese. That’s probably a bad sign huh??

IMG_2274 copy

Friday, August 20, 2010

End of Summer Bash 2010

Jonah and Meredith’s school celebrated the end of summer with a party on Friday. There were games, a train ride, face painting, an obstacle course, live music and good food. Now it’s time to fall into fall!!

IMG_2183 copy  IMG_2214 copy IMG_2218 copy IMG_2195 copy

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Delt Family Day Fundraiser

Josh attended a Delt alumni fundraiser in Rockwall on Sunday with the kids. They had food, played games and even played in the Splash Pad even though I did not pack swimsuits!

IMG_2178 copyIMG_2176 copyIMG_2174 copy

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Splash Pad, Fire Ants, Creeks and Playgrounds

On Saturday afternoon we went to a local park with our best friends Shannon and Ryan. Ryan, Jonah and Meredith played on the Splash pad, walked down to the creek and played on the playground.

Meredith had an encounter with a fire ant mound and now her poor legs and hands are covered in little bites. My poor baby.

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Sleepover – FAIL

So the plan was for Jonah to sleepover at his friend Rylee Bleu’s house on Friday night. The bag was packed. He was super excited! All was going great. They were having so much fun! Until bedtime. Then the phone rang around 9pm and it was my friend Kelly letting me know Jonah was a little upset and missed us. I chatted with Jonah on the phone and he told me he was having a great time but he missed his family, wanted to come back home but wanted RB to come to his house. So, we said okay and Rob brought Jonah and RB back to our house where they enjoyed popcorn with M&M’s, watched a movie, read a couple of books and then went to bed. They were so cute together. Not one sound from them all night. Saturday morning we had breakfast. They played outside, Jonah gave RB four silly bandz and then RB went home.

I was honestly a little surprised that Jonah wanted to come home Friday night. He has spent the night with his uncle many times but maybe it was because I have been out of town so much and because it was his first time not spending the night with family.

He told me the next day that he was ready to try again and next time he would not be sad. I’ll keep everyone posted.

IMG_2070 copy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cute 16 month old I was chasing on the playground

IMG_2036 copy

IMG_2050 copy

Are you ready for some T-Ball

I know we are crazy with our hectic schedules but we enrolled Jonah in T-ball for the fall. He will also be in soccer again on the same team with his friends and with the same coach. Jonah is playing T-ball with his friends Charlie, Reece and Rylee Bleu. Their dad’s Joe and Rob are the coaches so it should be a lot of fun! Hectic but fun! :) There is only one picture because I was also chasing a 16 month old on the playground during practice!

IMG_2031 copy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leaving for Las Vegas

Our friends the Dyhrkopp’s moved back to Las Vegas last week. Jonah and their daughter Sidney were good friends and went to school together. So, we sent them off with a little going away party last week. All the gang was there to wish Sidney farewell. Jonah’s group of friends are so close and they are just an awesome bunch! Love it!

IMG_2012updated IMG_2015 copy IMG_2016 copy IMG_2022 copy IMG_2023 copy IMG_2024 copy

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Beach Babies

Ready for a day at the Beach Club.

IMG_1987 copy 

IMG_1992 copy

IMG_1989 copy

Friday, August 06, 2010

A Play date with RB

Jonah had his friend Rylee Bleu over for a play date and I couldn’t resist posting a few pictures of them hanging out on the couch. Meredith wanted so badly to play with Jonah and RB and they were both so sweet and sat her up on the couch beside them while they watched a movie. She entertained them with her messy eating skills.

IMG_1973 copy IMG_1982 copy

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Girl’s Gone Lazy

This past weekend my Chi Omega sorority sisters and I had our annual pledge class reunion. Our pledge class was small but we have all remained great friends and every year we try to get together for a fun weekend getaway. Away from work, husbands, kids and all the everyday stresses of adult life. It’s a chance for us to catch up and reconnect. A few of the girls couldn’t make it this year and we really missed having them there!

This year we went to Lindsey’s lake house in Conroe. And we did ABSOLUTELY nothing and it was FABULOUS! Shannon and I drove down Friday night after I flew in from a week long trip in North Carolina. I know I’m crazy but I couldn’t miss our reunion. We woke up Saturday morning, ate breakfast and then we put on our swimsuits, lathered up with sunscreen and spent the entire day laying out and doing what girlfriends do best – TALKING!

That evening we grilled out and Lindsey’s dad made us homemade vanilla ice cream (so yummy) and we celebrated Vicky’s (29th..Ahem) birthday with cupcakes from Sprinkles and champagne. Well, only a few of us had champagne. Lindsey is preggo with her first baby, a baby girl. And Stacey is preggo with her second and third baby! Yes, twins! A boy and a girl.

On Sunday I cooked breakfast for the gang (yes, I can cook!) and then we all headed back home. Vicky and I hosted Lindsey and Shannon for lunch at one of the new Mexican restaurants in our very small hometown. Of course when I told my mother the following day that we had stopped there to eat she was not too happy with the fact that I had not called ahead of time so that she and my dad could meet us there or better yet whip up a gourmet lunch for all of us at their house.

While I had so much fun relaxing with the girls it was so nice to get home and see my sweet little family who I missed oh so much!


IMG_1960 copy IMG_1965 copy

   A sorority picture pose                                               Us doing nothing

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