Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Bash

Jonah wanted to host a Summer Kick-off bash for his school friends so we decided to have it over Memorial Day weekend. Twenty children and their parents! We rented a waterslide, grilled hotdogs, blew up the baby pool, iced down juice for the kids and frosty beverages for the adults. It was a lot fun! The kids loved the waterslide and we had so much yummy food thanks to everyone bringing something. We had blackberry cobbler, popcorn cupcakes, homemade tagalongs, guacamole, fruit, corn relish and bleu cheese bacon dip. It was all so good. I even enjoyed the leftovers the next day!

We were so nervous at first because right as the guests starting arriving so did the rain clouds and the thunder. It sprinkled for about 15 minutes so everyone had to come inside and play in the toy room until it was over. Then the party was back in full force and the kids played for a good three and half hours. Towards the end of the party they were all so cold being in and out of the water that their little lips starting turning blue! I’m hoping everyone had a good night’s sleep that night! I know Jonah and Meredith did!

After the party Jonah asked me if we could do it again the next day. My response was “If you want to be a full time social butterfly you are going to need to get a job.” His reply “I’m four. No one will hire me!” Oh vey!

Summer Bash Collage 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Melt. My. Heart.

I am totally in love with this picture I captured of Jonah and Meredith playing in the backyard. This is definitely frame worthy I think.

IMG_0544 copy

{I will also be sure to show them this picture when they are 18 and 15 and Meredith is trying to get Jonah to take her places in his car or better yet trying to date one of his friends! }

Wise beyond his years

As I was putting Jonah to bed the other night he asked “Mommy, why do you drink so much Diet Coke. I answered “Mommy needs it for energy and I like the way it tastes.” He responded, “Well, I would really like to see you drink more water.” Wise beyond his years!

They say you will do anything for your kids. So here's to drinking more water and less Diet Coke :( I am on my 4th glass today...only 4 more to go! Whoo hoo! I went without any diet soda or caffeinated drinks while I pregnant with both kids so this shouldn’t be too hard right?


Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Blue

A few pictures of Meredith wearing her new outfit from her Aunt Amy, Uncle Jon and Cousins Kayla and Christian. I was only able to keep the bow in her hair for five minutes. Thanks for such an adorable outfit! She loves it. And it really brings out the blue in her eyes!!

IMG_0509 copy  IMG_0518 copy

 IMG_0512 copyIMG_0531 copy

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Jonah decided he wanted to plant flowers in the front yard so he and Josh set off to Lowes to find the perfect flower for him to plant.

This is the flower he came home with.

Introducing “Flash”


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Easiest Most Favorite Quick Dinner. Ever.

I just thought I would share my favorite quick weeknight dinner. I make this at least once a week and it’s so simple, my family loves it, and it’s fairly healthy. What more can you ask for? Plus an added bonus is that we get to use Daisy Sour Cream (wink wink). Don’t forget that you need to always buy Daisy because Mommy has a small shopping addiction and your purchase of Daisy Sour Cream helps support that cause. Thank you for doing your part to help those in need.

IMG_0487 copy

Ingredients: Store bought Rotisserie Chicken, Kraft Natural Shredded, Colby and Monterrey Jack Cheese, Ortega Whole Grain Corn Taco Shells, Daisy Light Sour Cream, and fresh ripe Avocados (just typing this is making my mouth water).

Instructions: Bake the taco shells as directed, Slice your Avocados and Shred the Rotisserie  Chicken. Next take a taco shell, add one dollop of Daisy, some shredded chicken, a little cheese, a couple slices of avocado and VoilĂ ! You have a yummy taco that is sure to please :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It’s a “Ruff” Life….


{While I slave away on my laptop for work in my home office this is where you will typically find Riley}

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gold Class all the way

Josh and I had the entire house to ourselves this past weekend! It was a blast from the past of our life before kids. Sleeping past 10am. Eating junk food for breakfast. Going out for a long leisurely lunch and actually finishing our meal. Shopping without the purchase of one single toy. Then coming back home and taking a nap with the baby monitor turned off!!.

That night we decided to check out the newest movie theatre to open up in our ‘hood with our good friends John and Susan. Gold Class Cinemas. I went online, picked out our seats and purchased our tickets. When we arrived we were greeted by the concierge who led us to our seats in the very “trendy” lounge. Our waiter, dressed in all black, came up and took our drink order while we waited for our friends. I ordered a Mojito and Josh had a Vodka Gimlet. We sipped our drinks and took in all sites around us. The theatre was busy but not in a crowded loud way. The lounge is so large and the seating is so well laid out that you really don’t notice the people around you. John and Susan arrived and our waiter brought us the food menu. Portabella mushroom sliders, Bleu cheese chips, Chicken satay. My mouth began salivating. Not your typical movie theatre menu. After we placed our order the waiter came to tell us that our movie would be starting in 15 minutes and he would lead us to our seats in our theatre. We walked in and there were 40 seats setup in pairs in the 150 seat theatre. Each seat reclined at the push of a button and there was also a small table between mine and Josh’s seat with a another small button that called our waiter who was there to service our every need. One of the “movie hosts” went over all the details of the theatre and then an entourage of staff came out with pillows and blankets for those that wanted them (new of course). I chose not to use the pillow or blanket because I did not want to fall asleep during the movie.

So as the lights were dimming our waiter brought our food and replenished our drinks. The food was great and comparable to the food you would find in any higher end restaurant. Even the presentation was fabulous. Afterwards, we pushed the button on the side of our chair and were instantly (and comfortably) immersed into our movie selection for that night: Iron Man 2 (great movie by the way!).

After that experience I am not sure I will be able to watch a movie in a normal movie theatre again. I have already booked tickets for the new Twilight and will be booking tickets for The Last Airbender as soon as they come out!

{A picture of the seating in the theatre – taken with iPhone}

Gold Glass Cinema

{And just for fun a picture of our “Little Iron Man” / Flash}


Sunny Days

Enjoying some of the wonderful sunshine that we were blessed with this weekend!

IMG_0404 copyIMG_0405copy IMG_0421copy IMG_0431copyIMG_0438copy IMG_0467 copy   IMG_0415 copy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Room with A View

Jonah’s room got a minor makeover this week. We updated his bedding from the PB Kids safari collection that we bought when he first moved to a big boy bed at 2.5 years old to the PB Kids vintage Superhero bedding. We recently visited a friend's house who’s son had it in his room and it was love at first sight for Jonah. As you know Jonah LOVES superhero’s so it was a no brainer that I had to quickly get online and order this adorable bedding for his room. I think this is definitely something that can grow with him over the next few years. I love the Batman sheets and Spiderman pillows. Now we just have to paint (Jonah has requested blue) and change out the artwork. I have a small project in mind for the artwork so stay tuned.


{Notice he is wearing his “Flash” costume in the bed}


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So. In. Love



Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother’s Day

I am one lucky Mommy! I started off the day by sleeping in, then breakfast in bed. I had a wonderful day hanging out with my two favorite children and wonderful husband. We did a little shopping and went out for dinner. The perfect end to a perfect day.

Happy Mother’s day to both our mother’s and grandmother! Thank you for making our lives more special!

{Lucky Mommy with the two most wonderful children in the world}


{My sweet handmade Mother’s Day cards…my favorite thus far}

IMG_0199 IMG_0345 copy

{My Mother’s Day gift from Josh and the kids minus the umbrella that we still have to pick up. I envision myself sitting out here on lazy summer evenings with a nice glass of wine}

IMG_0396 copy

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Another Busy weekend….

{Josh’s Company Picnic}

IMG_0041 copy

{A friend’s birthday party}

IMG_0064 copy

{Hanging out with friends}

IMG_0091 copy

{Silly face time}

IMG_0111 copy

{Mommy and Meredith}

IMG_0119 copy

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