Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we attended the McKinney "Scare on the Square". Our friends Shannon, Bryce, and Ryan were also there. The Little Dragon and Tiger had fun walking around checking out all the costumes. It was crowded and the lines for candy at the stores were really long so unfortunately Jonah didn't score any Tricks or Treats but that's okay because he doesn't really eat candy yet and I didn't need the temptation! I'm holding out until Thanksgiving so I can eat the really good stuff! After we left Jonah didn't act like he felt well so after we got home I took his temp and it was 102.1! Needless to say, we didn't do any trick or treating in our neighborhood. Jonah took tylenol, ate dinner, had a bath and went straight to bed! I hope he feels better tomorrow and isn't coming down with something!

Nacho Libre

Jonah's first experience enjoying one of our family favorites - Nachos!!

Spooky Spider

Jonah and I finally finished up our Spooky Spider Project. He helped me paint the pumpkin earlier in the week and then he painted the fangs. I was in charge of the hot glue gun. I think it turned out cute! Especially for someone that isn't very crafty!

We got Boo'd

We were officially Boo'd on Friday evening after hearing about this tradition but not really knowing what it meant. What a fun idea! Jonah enjoyed playing with the spider rings on the cupcakes we received and we had fun boo'ing two more houses the next night.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

Primrose had their Fall Festival and Parade on Friday. Jonah dressed up as his current favorite animal, the Tiger. We've had his costume for some time and he has refused to put on. He would actually start crying when I tried to even put one of the sleeves over his arm. But apparently peer pressure among the young toddler age group is pretty powerful and when he saw his classmates putting on their costumes, well he had no choice but to follow suit. He paraded around the school saying "Roar" to everyone and really got into character by crawling on all fours in the grass like a real tiger! After we got home he refused to take off the pants.

Take your best shot

I took these pictures after we got back from Jonah's book fair and I just thought they were cute so I decided to post them to the blog.


Primrose had a book fair last week and Jonah stocked up on some new reading material. He also donated three books to his Young Toddler's class.

Jonah turns 19 months old

On October 21st Jonah turned 19 months old. He is really becoming such a little boy. He talks in real phrases now, repeats everything which means we have to really watch what we say and he's always on the go. He is starting to try more adult type foods. I think we have finally passed the chicken nuggets only phase! He loves to explore and play games, especially wrestling with Riley and jumping on the bed every chance he gets! He's growing and changing so much everyday but one thing is for sure - He's 100% boy! There are so many new things he's doing and saying. I don't have enough room to list them all so I'll share the condensed version. Here are some of his newest favorites.

"Riley's a dog" (I think he just realized this!)
"Fish in cup please" (translation - Please put Goldfish in my snack cup)
"More cheese please"
"I go tee tee diaper" (follwed by grabbing a diaper and laying on the floor with his legs in the air! too cute!)
"Hi Pig" "Oink Oink" referring to his toy piggy bank
"1-2-3 Go!" This means chase me!
"I got it!" I don't know what he's "got" but he says it all the time!

Tacos - he actually grabbed one off my plate the other night and ate the whole thing!
Toast with Jelly
Turkey Sandwiches

Friday, October 26, 2007


"I don't say everything, but I paint everything" - Pablo Picasso

On Sunday evening Jonah and I decided to paint some of our pumpkins since he didn't like carving them so I let him paint his smaller pumpkin with his finger paint. Unfortunately the paint wouldn't stay on the pumpkin so I improvised by drawing a nose and mouth and gluing on eyes. Jonah improvised by painting his own head :)

The rest of our weekend

Josh was in San Marcos last weekend for the Delt Reunion and TSU homecoming so after the Pumpkin Patch I spent the afternoon with my friend Vicky shopping and going to the movies. We saw Gone Baby Gone. If you have kids I recommend you bring a box of kleenex with you. Jonah spent some quality time with Jerod and Lauren going to the park and hanging out. On Sunday Jonah and I had lunch with our friends Jennifer, her son Connor, Shannon and Ryan at Mi Cocina. We sat out on the patio by the pond since the weather so great. The boys had fun playing with each other's toys and eating Mexican Food. We had fun catching up and talking about what else - kids! Afterwards, Jonah, Ryan, and Connor made a trip to the pond to look for the ducks. They were on the other side of the pond but finally a few came over to their side and the boys got excited! Jonah was so worn out he fell asleep before we even made it out of the parking lot!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we headed to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch in Celina with Shannon and Ryan. Jonah had fun feeding the animals and running through the pumpkin patch picking out pumpkins. He also rode on his first hayride which he really liked!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why I Love Fall

I was getting a little tired of the Texas summer heat so thankfully fall has finally arrived! The weather is turning a little cooler and the days are a little shorter. With fall finally here, I have a closet full of cozy sweaters, jeans, and a new pair of fall boots eagerly waiting to be worn! I love Halloween because it signifies the beginning of my favorite time of the year which is Halloween through New Years! To me it means good food, time spent with family and friends, and lots of fun memories. Christmas is also right around the corner and since having Jonah, Christmas has a much more special meaning to us now. I'm looking forward to creating our own family holiday traditions with him and maybe one day his brothers and/or sisters so that they can pass them down to their children! Even though he still doesn't understand the concept of Santa, it's still so much fun for us to get ready for his big visit to the Schneider house!

Here are a couple of early Halloween photos of Jonah. Jonah has decided that he does not like carved pumpkins and I'm still a little skeptical that he's not going to wear his Halloween costume on Halloween this year. He will kiss it, touch it, play with it and even make the animal sound that goes with it but when I try to get him to put it on, he shakes his head and says "No, No, No!" Since he learned to say “Boo” for Halloween I might just throw a sheet over him and call him a ghost!

We are headed to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch this weekend so I hope that we can get lots of good pictures of him with the pumpkins and other activities!

Bye Bye Lil' Dude

This is the first time I have added a video to my blog but I just had to share the newest phrase Jonah added to his steadily growing repertoire. It's just too cute! However, if you get motion sickness very easily I wouldn't attempt to watch the video. Jonah was hard to keep up with especially while he was walking around me in circles so my camera is all over the place!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Movin' on up

We finally purchased Jonah a booster seat so now can sit with us at the table when we eat. He is very excited about his new chair and when it's time to eat he runs to the chair and says "up please"

Happy Birthday to my Bros!

I don’t talk a lot about my brothers on my blog because I don’t see them as often as I would like which is actually kind of sad because they both live less than two hours away from me but all of us are busy with family, work, etc. and time just seems to pass us by. Both of them recently celebrated their birthdays so I wanted to pay them a little tribute to let them know that even though we don’t see each other very often I think about them all the time!

Let me give you a little background about my brothers. First, they are a lot older than me and when I say a lot I mean a lot. My youngest brother Charlie is 13 years older than me and my oldest brother W.C. is 18 years older than me. So, if you haven’t guess it by now I was the “oops” baby (aka accident!) Now, if you ask my parents that they will completely deny it and say I was planned all along. Yea right, because I’m sure most mothers envision raising two sons and having them well on their way out the door to college while excited about reclaiming the nest again with her husband and thinking about how to spend their retirement only to find out that she is pregnant again and gets to spend another 18 years raising yet another baby and to top it off - it’s a girl! My parents used to always say if I had been the first, I would have been the last! Second, when you see the three of us together we really don't look that much alike. W.C. is extremely tall (6'7 to be exact) and has a huge build. He was a football player in college and even had the opportunity to go pro! He's a big guy with very dark hair. Charlie is also very tall (6'5) and very thin. He also has dark hair and is very tan. I on the other hand came out 5'4 and blond with fair skin. Not that I'm complaining because I don't think I would want to be as tall as they are but we just don't look that much a like. Hmmmm, Mom is there something you want to tell me?? Was there a milk man around when I was born?? Just kidding Dad!! I actually look a lot like my Dad so I'm not worried! :)

Anyway, since my brothers were so much older than me we did not have the traditional brother/sister relationship. There were no fights in the house or worries about me dating their friends. Now on the other hand, I do think that W.C. used me as bait from time to time to get dates with girls like other guys who take dogs to the park. I also remember trying to get Charlie to take me with him everywhere when he turned 16 and got his driver’s license. It’s really not cool to have your three year old sister riding around with you on the drag!! For me, one of the perks of having older brothers is that when you are in college and you need money and your parents say no guess who you can call?? :)

But with all that aside they are wonderful brothers and have really taken care of me my whole life and are very protective of their little sister!

So, I hope that they both had wonderful birthdays and I just think it’s great that I get to sit here and make fun of how old they are because it will be a long time before I’m that old! haha!

Here are some pics of us back in the day and a more recent picture taken last year. Check out their 70's Classic hairstyles! I love it! Actually those styles are popular again! Also, just a little FYI, in the more recent pic I am not fat, I am 5 months pregnant!

Fall Festival

This weekend I volunteered at the Fall Festival at the Samaritan Inn in McKinney which was sponsored by my Junior League provisional class. My job was a blast because I was able to use my own camera and portable printer to take pictures of the residents and their kids and print the pictures for them to give to family or to keep for themselves! All the residents were super nice and the kids were very helpful and so much fun to photograph!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the kids!

Three sheets to the wind

I was getting dressed the other morning in our bathroom and thought to myself that Jonah was being awfully quiet. I walked into our bedroom and this is what I found him doing! Using my 700 thread count sheets as a canvas for his artwork with a pen! He must have found the pen in Josh's nightstand because being the careful mother I am, I would never put a pen in a place where Jonah might be able to find it and use it as an art tool! Wink Wink!

So does anyone know how to remove ink from sheets? I tried Hairspray once in college since I was notorious for falling asleep with a pen in my hand while studying in my bed because everyone knows that the best place to study for an exam at midnight is in the warmth of your comfy bed!! Anyway, the hairspray doesn't really remove the ink it just spreads it out into a big blob!

Seperated at Birth??

Jonah had quite the "do" the other morning when he woke up! I think he was channeling Don King!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Whaz up?


We had a little houseguest stop by this weekend for a visit. Jonah found him running across the floor in the kitchen and I quickly had to shield him from becoming a toddler's new object of desire and Riley's new chew toy! Poor little guy! Before we took him outside to the front yard I was able to snap a few pics of our little guest!

Popcorn Phenomenon

One of Jonah's favorite snacks is Popcorn. I think he would sit and eat a whole bowl by himself if we would let him. But since we love popcorn too we always help him out! It's so funny because he will go and grab the popcorn bowl from under the cabinet and bring it to me and say "More Please!"
Too cute!


We didn't have a lot going on this past weekend. Josh and I were suppose to go watch the Lion King on Saturday afternoon at Fair Park Music Hall but I forgot about one teeny tiny event happening across the street - The Texas/OU game! I had no idea when I purchased the tickets that it was the same weekend but now it definitely explains why there were front row seats available when all the other dates were practically sold out! We really tried to make it to the event. We even thought about taking the DART rail down there but it was hopeless. The DART rail was going to take too long and the traffic was a nightmare so we saved ourselves a stress headache and ended up going to Champs to meet some friends to watch the game. Around half time we left to go eat and then went and looked at houses closer to Josh's office.

Sunday was another down day. In fact Jonah and I stayed in our PJ's all day! It was a lot of fun and we got some much needed R&R!

Monday, October 01, 2007

LeAnn Rimes' new song....

This is one of the songs on LeAnn Rimes' new Album "Family" coming out on October 9th. I love music and when I heard this song today I decided I needed to share it with my friends and family. It's one of those ballads that you hear and it just makes you think about life. It made me cry which to me means it's a good song! ;) Enjoy!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Gran's Visit

Josh's Mom came to stay with us a couple of days last week while she was on vacation. Jonah had fun hanging out with Gran! They read books, played with his toys, and went on a walk.

Do my teeth look clean???
Reading one of my favorite books "No, David"
Sharing a laugh with Gran

My Little Hero

It's Super Jonah! Faster than than the speed of light he rushes around the corner of the dining room table to my rescue carrying his Super Red Cape, his Super Magic Nemo Blanket and wearing nothing but his Mommy's Super Black Patent Flip Flops and a Super Full Diaper! LOL

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