Monday, March 29, 2010

Tonight I will hold them a little tighter

Tonight I will read one more book to Jonah and snuggle with him in my arms a few minutes longer before turning out the light. Tonight I will rock Meredith a little slower and give her extra kisses on her sweet forehead before I lay her down in her crib.

Because tomorrow I will hop on a plane at 5am long before anyone wakes up to North Carolina to start another chapter in my life with a new career. I have been home now for a little over a year and while I have enjoyed every minute I have been able to live out my dream as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) there was always a small part of myself that longed for the days of my fast paced career.

I worked very hard before I got married and before I had children to excel in project management in the healthcare industry so when the opportunity to go back into the field and into that role again was offered to me, I jumped at the chance. I have been very fortunate in my career that most of my positions have been work from home with minimal travel and this one is no different. I will have to travel a little more upfront as I learn the ins and outs of the company but eventually I will be doing my day to day tasks at home with a night or few nights away here and there. (I mean what mom wouldn’t want a night away at a hotel with dinner, all expenses paid every once in a while right?) I think this will also be a great opportunity for Josh and Meredith to bond while I am gone. When I was on bed rest in the hospital pregnant with Meredith, Josh and Jonah became extremely close and that makes my heart happy! So I’m looking forward to him and Meredith sharing the same bond.

Meredith will be attending the same private preschool that her brother attends and I have no doubt that she will excel there as he has over the years.

It’s an exciting time and I feel very fortunate and blessed to be given this opportunity when so many people are worried about their jobs and the economy right now. So, I will give it my all just like I try to do with my marriage and my children and all of the other ten million aspects of my life!

Wish me luck! Here’s back to life as a Work at Home Mom (aka WAHM).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knights and Princesses Party

When I started asking Jonah in October what kind of birthday party he wanted for his 4th birthday party he asked for the following: 1) Knights 2) Princesses 3) Costumes 4) Dragon Piñata.

So Mommy and Daddy delivered. Since Jonah is a social bee (I like to think he takes after me..ahem!) and has a network of friends larger than our own, we decided it would be best to have the party at an outside venue. We found the perfect place in Plano at the recommendation from a friend that could accommodate my soon-to-be four year olds requests and we hosted a party fit for any Noble Knight!

I was impressed with the details of the decorations, the costumes, the activities, everything! Even the party favors were awesome!

Prince Jonah had a great time holding court at his party. They dressed up in costumes, got tattoos, ran an obstacle course, had a sword fight with a “real” knight, danced, played games, jumped in a bounce house, fought a dragon piñata and then noshed on Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets, fruits, juice and cupcakes.

Jonah 4th Birthday Collage 1

Jonah 4th Birthday Collage 2

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six years ago….

on this day I married my best friend. As we took our gondola to the church, people on the sides of the canal were shouting “Congratulations” in more languages than I could count and snapping away with their cameras. We then walked down the aisle of the 13th Century Methodist Church in Venice, Italy (one of only three in the whole country) and our preacher began reading our wedding vows in Italian and winked at me when it was time to say “I do”. Though I didn’t understand the words he spoke in Italian, I knew exactly what he was saying by heart and my heart has never felt so happy as it did on that day!

You are the greatest thing about me.

I. Love. You.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthweek?

Jonah has had a weeklong birthday celebration. I’m a little worried that he is going to think this is the norm. Today his Uncle Jerod and Lauren came over to bring him his birthday gift (because they couldn’t wait any longer to give it to him!). Now he is so ready for summer to hurry and get here so that he can wear his cool Spiderman swimsuit and gear! Thanks guys for an awesome birthday gift!

IMG_8977  IMG_8988  IMG_9449

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disney on Ice

Jonah’s girlfriend Isabelle invited him on a date to see Disney on Ice (chaperoned of course). So when Isabelle came to pick him up he had a dozen pink roses for her. She was dressed as Cinderella so Cinderella and her Prince Charming headed down to the American Airlines Center to see the show. I was sitting in the third row listening to their date conversation and it went a little something like this:

J: “So, that’s my school over there.” (as we were passing his school)

I: “I know, I used to go there. That is the school with the chicken”

J: “Yea, so do you like McDonald’s? I love McDonalds!”

I: “Yes, I like McDonald’s French Fries. Do you like my dress?”

J: “You look pretty. What kind of movies do you like?”

Ahh…young love :)

At the show Isabelle asked Jonah if he wanted to hold hands and dance with her when Cinderella came out to dance with Prince Charming. Jonah agreed and they danced together in the aisle while holding hands. It was seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen! During intermission they go snow cones and popcorn. Jonah had a lot of fun on his date!

Pictures below are from Isabelle’s mom Erica. Her pictures turned out much better than mine because I took the wrong lens! Enjoy :)


At the end of their date…if you can’t tell by Jonah’s expression he was not excited about his night ending so early! :)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bonnet Parade and Egg Hunt

Pictures from Jonah’s Bonnet parade at school. The kids made Easter Egg baskets out of milk cartons and bonnets out of decorated brown paper bags and then put on a parade for all the parents. After the parade the kids hunted Easter eggs.

   IMG_8787  IMG_8870updated IMG_8815IMG_8853  IMG_8861

Jonah on a Bike

We bought Jonah his first bike on his 4th birthday.  We went on a walk around the neighborhood to let him try it out. About half-way through the walk on the far opposite side of our neighborhood, Jonah decided he was too tired and couldn’t ride anymore. Since I was pushing Meredith in the stroller and holding Riley’s leash, Josh had to carry the bike and Jonah back to our house. It was a fun walk back (insert sarcasm here)!

IMG_8721 IMG_8723IMG_8722

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Knight to Remember

Josh and I took Jonah to Medieval Times for his birthday dinner. We sat on the front row and he was completely fascinated with every part of the show. He even ate the food with his hands. I was impressed.

Our knight was the green knight who won all the tournament events which made Jonah very happy. He loved the jousting match. Then our knight lost the last battle and Jonah also lost it. He was so upset! It was so sad!

But before he went to bed he told me that he had a good time and wanted to go back for all his birthdays!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday weekend festivities

It was a weekend long celebration as we celebrated Jonah’s 4th Birthday! 

On Friday night he requested cupcakes with sprinkles and M&M’s (which he helped me make)


We took a trip to Toys R Us on Saturday to pick out his first bike. He had fun trying out all the bikes around the store. He finally settled on a red and silver bike. See picture below.


On Sunday we woke up to eight inches of SNOW which Jonah told me he asked for as a birthday gift!

IMG_8502 IMG_8522updated

He opened cards and gifts from family


and enjoyed his new bike “indoors”!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

To our son on his 4th Birthday

Today you turn four years old. This last year has been one of tremendous growth and development. You have amazed me and your father with your ability to understand the world and the people that make it up. Many of our friends refer to you as an “old soul” and when I looked up the definition of an “old soul” tonight, I felt the chills run up and down my spine. I don’t think there could be a more fitting description of your personality.

Definition of the phrase “Old Soul” Wise beyond your years, Nurturing, Caring, Kind Hearted, Not Naive, Relaxed, Displays Empathy and Great Understanding of all things.

You are wise way beyond your years. When we found out you were getting a new baby brother or sister we asked you which one you would prefer. Your response was “I already know it’s a baby sister and that makes me happy.”

You are the most nurturing and caring person we know. Those qualities really shined last year when I was pregnant and on bed rest with your baby sister. You would come into the hospital at night and lay beside me as we listened to Meredith’s heartbeat on the monitor. You would giggle when you heard her move around. And before you would leave to go back home with Daddy you would give me a hug and kiss and then kiss my belly and say “I love you Meredith.”

From the moment Meredith was born you have been by her side helping to take care of her. You soothe her cries, protect her from any harm, and share all your toys. More than once a day I find you in the crib with her making her laugh after she wakes up from a nap. I wish I could record the “conversations” you have with her not knowing that I am listening to you on the baby monitor. They are priceless.

You love your friends and are always wanting “everyone” to come over for a play date. You do not like for anyone to feel left out and are always very socially aware of your friend’s feelings and actions when you are playing together.

You do not like making me or Daddy upset. We are rarely disappointed in you but the few times that we have expressed disappointment in some behavior or action you were broken hearted and disappointed in yourself.

But Ninety-five percent of the time you are happiest, most fun loving child we know. Though you are sometimes cautious you are not afraid to try new things (even foods now...with a little bribery of course). You love to be around your family and friends.

You have the most amazing and creative imagination. One minute you are Spiderman jumping from one couch to another and the next minute a fierce Knight saving Princess Meredith from a fire breathing Dragon.

So, Happy Birthday to our “best friend!” You are and always will be our sunshine!

Mommy and Daddy

PS. We have heard that the fourth year is one of the best. We are looking forward to it because the third year has been pretty awesome with our little guy!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy First day of Spring….

IMG_8365 copy

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cheerio Mate

Why you should never leave a box of Cheerios within a baby’s reach….

Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally…A Real Excuse!

So up to this point in 2010, I have not had a valid excuse as to why I am so behind on my blog. I could blame it on a busy schedule with two kids but then I look at my blogger friend OHMommy or the Pioneer Woman and think to myself “Self, no one is going to buy that for a minute!”

But then it just so happened that today my laptop crashed due to a hard drive issue so now I have no access to my pictures or Photoshop. And of course I haven’t made a backup of my hard drive since September 09 so my laptop is being shipped off to a Data Recovery Center in hopes that they will be able to extract the data and then I can send it back to Frye’s to have the hard drive replaced. What’s even more frustrating is that the laptop is just a year old.

So, until then I will make an effort to at least start on the posts from the past couple of months. We’ve had some major holidays, some special events including Meredith’s Baptism and of course our everyday fun and adventure at the Schneider household :) 

Friday, March 12, 2010

One two buckle my shoe

Meredith has decided she does not like wearing shoes! No bows and no shoes.

She is breaking her Mommy’s heart piece by piece.

I pray to the Neiman Marcus Gods that this is just a phase.

If not, we may need a divine intervention.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is almost here!

It’s time for a ride on the scooter…

IMG_8098updated IMG_8109

to enjoy the blooming dandelions….

IMG_8119updated IMG_8125pdated

and find a puddle or two  to jump in!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The little things

Good friends!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Weekend in Georgetown

We spent the past weekend in Georgetown with family. It was a busy but fun-filled weekend. We went to Kayla’s final soccer match where Jonah had fun participating in drills with Kayla before the game. Afterwards the team had a final game celebration at the park. Then we took the kids to a new jump house where we had the whole facility to ourselves. It was really nice. Meredith played in ball pit for the first time. She had a “ball”. (Sorry I had to!) I rode down one of the slides with Jonah and I was a little unprepared for how fast I would slide down! I think everyone in the building heard me scream for my life!

IMG_7799 IMG_7801 IMG_7812

IMG_7899  IMG_7938updated

 IMG_7911 IMG_7979updatedIMG_8009updated

Saturday, March 06, 2010

French Fries are the best!

I don’t know why my Mommy has been holding out on me all these months. If I had known that there were these little sticks of yummy potatoe goodness I would have started eating solid foods a long time ago!

These are healthy right? I mean they are potatoes and potatoes are a vegetable!

Friday, March 05, 2010


Jonah and Isabelle got to spend a little one on one time during a recent play date at the park.

These two just really love each other. It’s so cute!

IMG_7721updated IMG_7728

IMG_7730 IMG_7737updated

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Meet me at the corner

Jonah’s friend Jordan lives down the street and Jonah always wants to have Jordan over to play. Everyday he asks me “Can we meet Jordan at the corner” So, that’s our routine. We call up his mommy and if she says it’s okay for him to come over, we meet them at the corner and walk back to our house.

I really wish growing up that I had lived close enough to my friends that we could just meet at the corner but we lived on nine acres so it was more like “can your mom drive you over to my house” or vice versa.




These two have a lot of fun playing together. They both share the same interests – dragons, knights and baseball. It’s so nice having someone on our street that is same age as Jonah!

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