Thursday, August 30, 2007

Time to Relax

After a busy weekend Josh and I were happy to have nothing to do on Sunday but relax! We (including Jonah) slept in late and then woke up and went to Stonebriar Mall to pick up a few things and let Jonah play in the new Play Area. Going to Stonebriar probably wasn't the best idea seeing as it was the day before school started and the mall was extremely crowded! We should have gone to Willowbend! Lesson learned! We picked up barbeque on the way home and lounged around the rest of the day! A perfect way to end the weekend!

"Nicole Ritchie has nothing on me! My oversized sunglasses are so much cooler than hers!"

Sarah's Birthday

On Saturday night Josh and I went out to celebrate our friend Sarah's birthday! We ate at Mi Cocina and I had the yummy brisket tacos (my favorite!) After dinner we went to the Fox Sports Bar for a few drinks and to catch up with everyone.
Monda, Jenn, and Sarah
Josh and Monda

Milk Mustache

Actually, it was more like a Milk Goat Tee! Jonah had his first bowl of cereal with milk on Saturday. He tried really hard to use his spoon but found it was just easier to pick the cereal up out of the bowl and then use the straw to drink the milk!

End of Summer Blowout!

Jonah's school had an End of Summer Blowout on Friday! He had a blast playing in the ball pit (I actually had to go in and pull him out!), eating a snowcone and cotton candy, and then riding on the train in the parking lot! He was so exhausted when we got home that he fell asleep at 7:30pm!

Nickelback and Daughtry Concert

After we got home from our reunion, Vicky, Shannon and I went to the Nickelback/Chris Daughtry concert at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco! It was so much fun. Great music and very interesting people watching! Click the Play button below (>) to hear my two favorite songs by Daughtry and Nickelback.

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Shannon, Monda and Vicky

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chi Omega Reunion

A couple of weekends ago I went to San Marcos for a Chi Omega Sorority reunion. It was so nice to get away for a weekend and hang out with all the girls! We went to the River Pub on Friday and then on Saturday Me, Vicky, Shannon and Jessica (the other girls went tubing) went to the Outlet Mall and to some local boutiques and took advantage of the Tax Free weekend shopping! (Unfortunately purses were not included in the Back to School Tax Free weekend which I just think is absurd! How do they know I'm not going to use my purse as a backpack or as a carrier for all my pens and pencils? Oh Well!) Then we went to the spa and I had a hot stone massage! That was WONDERFUL! I was totally relaxed when we left. That night we went to dinner at Grin's and then headed down to the square to J's Bistro and Piano Bar! On Sunday we had breakfast and headed back to Dallas and back to reality!

Jonah and Ryan

Jonah's friend Ryan came over to hang out while Shannon attended a Junior League meeting. So, instead of eating at the boring old table for dinner we decided to have an indoor picnic. I spread a blanket out in the living room and Jonah and Ryan munched on a bean and cheese burito, chicken nuggets, and fruit. Afterwards they played chase and they had so much fun running around and around the staircase! I guess they needed to burn off all the calories from the burrito!

I thought this photo was too funny. Ryan is feeding food to Riley and Jonah is dumping all of the food off the plate onto the blanket! Boys will be boys!

From their facial expression you would think they are watching an episode of "The Hills" but they are watching the Baby Einstein World Animals! It's pretty intense stuff! LOL

I'm not sure what they are doing in this photo but they thought it was hillarious! I should have been video taping it instead of taking a picture!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

17 months old!

Jonah turned 17 months old on August 21st! He is growing so fast and becoming very independent! He's learning sign language, running all over the place, and he's starting to say phrases like "brush teeth" and "no no Riley". He's very good at pointing and trying to say what he wants even though sometimes I think he is speaking Mandarin Chinese instead of English! He loves putting on his shoes and going bye bye! His current favorite food is Mac & Cheese and he's still a huge fan of popcorn! Jonah loves dancing to music especially Justin Timberlake's "LoveStoned"! I think we may have a little JT in our family! He also loves watching his "bobby" aka Baby Einstein videos!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tried being good....

got bored!

This t-shirt definately represents Jonah's current personality. While he has been the best baby up until now, he has recently decided to use his powers for evil! I think the terrible twos may have arrived a little early in our house! And by no means am I the best disciplinarian and neither is Josh so any advice you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Actually, he is still very good but we are having a couple of issues with him throwing things (other than balls) and having fits when we put him in his carseat and highchair (especially at restaurants). He is also not responding to the word "no" very well. He's 17 months old this month so I don't know what kind of discipline works at this age. I just don't want to let these kinds of things get out of control! I don't want him to be "that kid"!

It's really hard to get mad at a face that precious!! Aghh!! See how effective his powers are???

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Risky Business

Does this picture look familiar???

I think Jonah shares a certain resemblance to Tom Cruise in Risky Business complete with his hair parted in the center!

Kayla and Jonah's weekend

Last weekend Jon and Amy came up to Dallas so Jon could compete in a USTA tennis tournament. Opa and Oma also came up so they could watch Kayla and Jonah together. Kayla spent the weekend with us while Jon and Amy stayed in a hotel. The four of us had a date night on Friday and then Josh and I had another date night on Saturday night. Thanks to Opa and Oma we were also able to sleep in on Sat and Sun! They are really starting to spoil us :) Jonah and Kayla had so much fun playing all weekend. They played in the swimming pool and went on several walks. I'm glad they are so close in age and play so well together! Thanks again to Opa, Oma, Jennifer, Jerod and Lauren for helping out all weekend! We had a lot of fun!

Life's just Peachy

Jonah was eating dinner the other night and he was playing with his toy truck Mater from the movie Cars. I walked over to his highchair and he had actually hooked one of his peaches onto the hook on the truck so I had to take a picture of it to prove it. My little guy is so smart! I can say that because I'm his Mommy :)


I'm sad to report that we've lost our friend Bob. Apparently while we were gone to Mimi's, Bob tried to end his life by jumping out of his fish bowl and I found him laying on top of the counter. Thinking we were already too late I picked him up to begin the burial process (flushing him down the toilet) and miraculously he was still alive. I put him back in the water and within about five minutes he was completely revived. He swam around, ate food and seemed enthusiastic about his second chance at life but unfortunately I think the lack of oxygen to his brain for such a long period of time took its toll on his frail little body and two days later he passed away. Even though he was only with us a short time he was still part of the family and he'll be greatly missed. That is until we go buy another one at Petsmart. I'm kidding!

Visit to Mimi's

Josh's Uncle Rick and his family were visiting from Atlanta so we headed down to Hico to see everyone. Jonah was able to meet some of his cousins that he had not met before and we had fun hanging out with everyone!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vicky's Birthday

We recently celebrated my friend Vicky's birthday with an all-girl's day and Shannon and I were able to go sans appendages (aka Ryan and Jonah) and diaper bags! We spent the afternoon over at our friend Shelley's house swimming and grilling. Later that that evening we did a little shopping at Legacy shops and Vicky bought an awesome cashmere dress that she is definately going to be letting me borrow this fall!! Then we had dinner at Fireside Pies (very yummy!) afterwards we went back to Shannon's house to watch movies and eat chocolate cake! Of course we barely made it through the previews and fell asleep 10 minutes after the movie started! It's sad that we are getting so old! What happened to staying up until 3 in the morning (on purpose) with no problem? Oh yea - we are adults now and have real jobs and families!

Meg's Visit

I'm very behind on my blog updates so since Josh is out of town this weekend and Jonah is asleep I thought I would posts our newest updates!

My niece Meg came up a few weeks ago to spend a few days with us before summer ended and she headed back to school. We ate out and ordered in, watched movies, shopped and spent some time at the pool. She was a big help with Jonah and he had so much fun hanging out with her!

Jonah had fun reading his book to Meg under his bed!

Jonah loves walking Riley on his own. Riley actually walks very slow for him and if Jonah drops the leash, Riley immediately sits down and waits for Jonah to come over and pick it back up. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

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