Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone had a frightfully fun Halloween! We had a very busy but definitely a fun Halloween! Josh's mom, Grandma, and I took Jonah to the Scare on the Square downtown to do a little trick or treating at the various stores. But Jonah was more excited about riding the train, playing with the very large blow up pumpkin and dancing to the Halloween music! I took both the Dragon and the Hot dog costume with us because he couldn't make up his mind which one he wanted to wear before we left but in the end he chose the Dragon costume.

After we came home Josh and I took Jonah trick or treating around the neighborhood. We had been practicing saying trick or treat all week but I think he had more fun ringing the doorbell and knocking on their doors. He always said trick or treat before they even opened the door.

Jonah was sick last Halloween and we didn't get to go trick or treating so he made up for it this year by scoring so much candy we had to start stuffing it in our pockets! Jonah tried to persuade us to open all the candy after we came home so as a compromise we let him have three pieces! He stayed up pretty late thanks to the sugar rush!

Baking cookies on Halloween Eve!

Scare on the Square

Trick or Treating

The loot!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Falling for Fall

Friday was Jonah's Fall Festival at school. It started with a costume parade. There is nothing cuter than watching a preschool full of children parading around in a myriad of costumes in the school parking lot!

Of course Jonah's costume was my favorite! He chose his dragon costume for the big event though he wouldn't let me take any pictures of him in it, only videos.

After the parade they had a concert, a petting zoo, games and lots of Halloween activities for the kids. Jonah had a great time playing with all the animals. He would run up to the duck and say "Quack" and got so excited when the ducked quacked back! It was really cute.

Checking out the animals at the petting zoo

Playing kickball

Tonging for apples! (side note: Josh wanted me to point out that Mrs. Hong is dressed in costume including fake teeth!!!)

Scary Halloween hand made with popcorn and candy corn!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dragon Tales

Here's the tale of a two year old boy that had his heart set on a hot dog costume but his mother couldn't justify the cost of spending $72.00 on a Halloween costume. She was starting to feel like the evil wicked mother. So after many debates the mother finally took the boy to Toys R Us to look for a new costume. The boy found a vibrant dragon costume that seemed to make him very happy so the mother swiped her check card for $29.99 and they both walked out of the store hand in hand with smiles upon on their faces. The boy put the dragon costume on that night and pranced around the house observing his dragon tail and dragon wings and waited anxiously until his dad came home so he could show the dad his newest possession. Everyone was happy!

The following weekend the mother and father went to San Marcos for a little getaway and while the mother and her friend were shopping at the outlet mall she stumbled into the Pottery Barn outlet and guess what was hanging on a rack right by the front door and marked 70% off? You guessed it - THE HOT DOG COSTUME! One 2T hot dog costume and $25 dollars later the mother walked out of the store feeling very proud of her purchase and couldn't wait to get back home to show the boy.

When they arrived home Sunday evening, the mother pulled the costume out of the bag and the boy giggled with delight "It's a hot dog weenie!" and gave the mother a huge hug. Suddenly the evil wicked mother became the best mom on the block!

The End

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Puppy Love

I had to post the pictures of Jerod and Lauren's new Shitzu puppy who I just think is adorable. Riley even likes him and Jonah just loves him! He kept saying "He's so cute!" We are ready to dogsit anytime!

Meet Gizmo!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Go Bobcats!

This weekend we relived our college days by taking a road trip down to San Marcos for Texas State's Homecoming even though it will always be Southwest Texas State (SWT) to us! We met our friend's Johnny and Sarah for lunch and then hit up the bookstore for some Bobcat gear before heading over to the tailgate party with the Delts. Johnny and Josh are both Delta Tau Delta alumni! Yes, Sarah and I could have hung out as alumni with our sororities, Sarah was a Zeta and I was a Chi Omega, but we didn't really know any of the girls there so we just stayed with the boys! It's always fun to be the pregnant girl at a college tailgate party where the beverage of choice is beer but my sweet husband stocked up the cooler with bottled water just for me so I was good! Sarah and I had a blast people watching and checking out the newest trends in college attire! See picture and fashion report below! It was fun to be back and see how many people showed up to tailgate and it brought back a lot of memories! We watched the game for a little while but it was hot and TSU was getting slaughtered so we headed out! Johnny and Josh went with the frat boys to the local hangouts and Sarah and I hit the outlet mall! After we shopped we met everyone for dinner at the River Pub. Then we went down to another Irish pub on the the square for a little while. But around 11pm my eyes got heavy so Sarah and I headed back to the hotel while Johnny and Josh partied it up at the Delt house! I think they had a great time! It's so funny to think that we didn't even go out until 10 or 11pm when we were in college and now I can't stay awake past 11pm!

We slept in on Sunday, had some yummy Mexican food at Mamacita's and then headed back to Dallas! It was a nice little getaway with Josh and our friends but it will probably take me all week to catch back up on my sleep! :)

Josh and I want to thank Jerod and Lauren for spending the weekend with Jonah! I know he had a great time hanging out with you guys! (They were even sweet enough to take Jonah to a birthday party on Saturday at 10am!!)

TSU College Fashion Report
So apparently the girls had three options of attire to wear to the TSU homecoming tailgate party/football game:

1) Sorority or TSU dress as seen in the picture below (I had to take the picture without looking so conspicuous!)
2) Short denim shorts and cowboy boots!
3) Short shorts (khaki or denim) and boat shoes! There were also several guys wearing boat shoes!

It's crazy! The trends have really changed since we left. We wore oversized sorority t-shirts tucked in our khaki shorts with Cole Hahn loafers and Brighton belts to tailgate parties! Now that's HAWT! ;) Haha!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Here's the outcome of today's sonogram....

Baby Schneider is healthy and doing very well! I saw all ten fingers and toes and even her cute little button nose! The doctor said he wouldn't confirm 100% that it was a girl but after pointing out and identifying specific anatomical body parts he said he was fairly positive it was a girl! She even waved at me during the sonogram which by the way is captured on the DVD they gave to me! So I have proof! It was too cute!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Will it be....

Snips and Snails and puppy dog tails or Sugar and Spice and everything nice?

Hopefully we will find out tomorrow! I have a sonogram appointment tomorrow afternoon and the doctor performing the sonogram is very talented in the skill of gender determination, even at 13 weeks! He's only been wrong once in the last two years so let's hope that Baby Schneider cooperates and he will be able to give us a good answer on whether we need to be thinking blue or pink! I'm really anxious to find out because I've been dying to buy new clothes and all the cute new baby stuff I've been seeing everywhere I go! And if you know me, you know I'm a planner so I'm really ready to start decorating the room and picking out baby names!

Josh - I promise I won't go too crazy! Well, I can't promise but I'll really try!

So say a prayer for us that all is well, keep your fingers crossed that we will find out whether Jonah will be getting a baby brother or sister, and stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Think I Heard a Dinosaur Roar!!

Last weekend we watched our friend Di's son Quanah, six, while he participated in a golf tournament. So we thought we would keep Jonah and Quanah entertained by taking them to the Heard Museum in McKinney to see the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit. We took Jonah last year and even though he was a little bit afraid of the life size robotic Dinosaurs in person he still to this day asks to see the Dinosaur pictures on the blog. So, he was really excited about going again. We figured since he was older he would be over his fear. Well, we were wrong! Jonah would not get within five feet of the dinosaurs even with Josh holding him and when they roared he would cover his ears and say "No, No Dinosaur!"

Quanah however loved seeing and exploring each dinosaur and couldn't wait to go inside the museum to dig for dinosaur bones!

After we made our way through the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit, we visited the Farm Animal exhibit, The Animals around the World exhibit and the Butterfly Exhibit. Quanah was not impressed with any of these but Jonah loved feeding the farm animals and seeing the monkeys!

Back inside the boys had fun digging for dinosaur bones and picking out souvenirs before we headed home!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Debate

While some were watching the Presidential debate on TV last night we were having our own debate at the Schneider Town Hall. The main topic of discussion – Halloween Costumes.

Last month Josh and I began asking Jonah what he wanted to be for Halloween and he clearly stated “a Pirate” as his choice for a costume. Easy enough! There were multiple Pirate costumes available online ranging anywhere from $25-$30.

Then Jonah changed his platform when Jerod, uncle and college student, asked Jonah what he wanted to be for Halloween one night at dinner about two weeks ago. Jonah proudly stated “A Hotdog Weenie”.

Based on this response I began a wide search on the internet for “Hotdog Weenie” costumes. Well, to my surprise I found a very cute one on the Pottery Barn Kids website. The cost of this costume would run taxpayers around $79. Now I have no problem spending $79 on a pair of shoes for Jonah because I can justify this cost. But $79 on an outfit for a toddler that will be worn one night for approximately 3 hours is hard for me to justify to the Schneider Budget Committee Chair, Josh Schneider.

Last night tensions were high as we began the debate to discuss both sides of the issue when Commentator Josh asked Jonah again, “Jonah, what do you want to be for Halloween?” Jonah held his position with a very cute smile and stated “Hotdog Weenie”

Mommy’s rebuttal, “Jonah are you sure you don’t want to be a pirate like Captain Feathersword on the Wiggles?”

Jonah’s immediate response was, “No!”

So now I’m left struggling with a huge decision to make and I’m not sure which way to vote. What’s your view? See poll on the left side bar of the blog to cast your vote! Thanks!

Hotdog costume:

Pirate costume:

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

When the husbands are away..

the moms and kids will play!

While Josh was out of town on a guys trip with Johnny, Sarah and I decided to take Jonah, Reese and Ashton to the park to play. We picked up breakfast at Sonic and headed to the playground for some fun! The kids had a great time running, climbing, jumping and playing in the dirt! Jonah even managed to score a few smooches from Reese! :)

I unfortunately forgot my camera that morning so all the photos are courtesy of Sarah!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just a heartbeat away

Today I finally heard the baby's heartbeat! It's always exciting to hear the heartbeat for the first time. You see the heartbeat on the first sonogram but you can't hear it and there is just something about hearing it for the first time that makes you realize "Wow!" there is a baby in there and it's real! It's a weird and exciting feeling! But all is good! The heartbeat was steady and very fast which my doctor said is sometimes an indication that it's a girl! Hmmmm! We'll see! I am actually making my appointment with the high risk doctor over the next week or so for a routine sonogram and from what I've heard he's pretty good at determining the sex of the baby! He's only been wrong once in two years! I would say that's pretty good odds! So, we'll see what he says!


We attended the McKinney Oktoberfest with Jerod and Lauren over the weekend while Josh was out of town on a guys trip. Jerod and Lauren spent the afternoon with Jonah while I had a little "Me" time going to lunch and to the movies with my friend Vicky! We saw "The Women" which is a very cute movie! I highly recommend it to all the women out there. Afterwards I did a little shopping byself - something I haven't done in awhile without a toddler in tow. After I got back home we headed to downtown McKinney and Jonah rode the pony ride, watched the German Dancers - which he really liked thanks to his German heritage I guess! Afterwards we had some icecream and bought Jonah one of the handmade puppets! It was a lot of fun and it will have to be a new tradition for us to attend!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Full of Hot Air

Josh and I took Jonah to the Plano Balloon festival and he had the best time. It was so much fun to watch his excitement as he saw the balloons air up and then take off and fly off over us into the sunset. There were so many varieties of balloons but Jonah's favorites were the Tree Balloon with Tropical birds and the Dragon Balloon. As each balloon passed over us Jonah would wave really big and say "Wow that balloon is high, I can't reach it" It was a great time!

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