Thursday, April 19, 2007

No news is suppose to be good news right??

So, our week hasn't been too exciting! Oh, except that our friends Johnny and Sarah moved back from Houston to Frisco! We were very excited about that! We stopped by to take them dinner on Sunday and Jonah had a good time playing with Reese and Ashton! We are looking forward to hanging out with them again now that they are back! They are not across the street like the old days but Frisco is only down the road and a much shorter drive than to Houston!

This is funny so I have to share! On Monday night Jonah and I were outside practicing walking in the grass (him not me!) and Jonah had the home phone in his hands. He had been on the phone earlier with my mom and as usual hung up on her. So as he is walking the phone rings and I take it from him thinking it was my mom again and look at the caller ID and it says City of McKinney. It was after 7pm so I thought that was strange. I answered it and the voice on the other end says - Hi, This is the McKinney Police Department and we just received a 911 Emergency call from this number. Is everything okay?? I look at Jonah who is still walking and oblivious to what he has done! I apologized, explained what happened, verified our information, apologized again (luckily she laughed!) and the call ended! There is probably a $500 fine in the mail on the way to our house as I type! But how did he manage to dial that exact number?? I mean he's dialed some numbers that I was sure were going to call someone in Yemen but I was surprised that he was able to dial 911 and hit the talk button! Anyway, it's definately one of those stories I'll remember!! I'm just glad they didn't send someone out! That would have really been embarassing!

Here are some pics showing how we celebrate a non-busy week! We....

Listen to the rain and surf the internet (Note to self - looking at summer dresses at Neiman's puts Jonah right to sleep!)
Read some more!

These Boots were made for Walkin....

and that's just what Jonah does! Except he walks in Pumas, not boots, but you get the point! Yes - it is official. Jonah started walking everywhere right after Easter and does not want to do anything else! He goes from room to room and chases Riley all over the house! It's great, except now I really have to watch him because he's quick. I was so excited about him walking and now I'm already missing not being able to put him in his bouncy chair for a few minutes while I run to the bathroom. Now, he follows me in there! So long privacy! It was nice having you all those years!

Okay, this isn't the best picture to show off Jonah's new skills but we've been using the video camera more to capture him in full motion and as soon as I learn how to tranfer the videos off the camera to the computer I will add a couple of videos so you can get the full effect! It really is the coolest and cutest thing I've ever seen! They look like little penguins walking around trying to maintain their balance! He also shares a certain resemblance to his mom and dad during a few of our nights on 6th Street in Austin!

I'm Lovin It!!!

So, I finally broke down and bought Jonah his first Happy Meal from McDonald's complete with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy! The event brought back such fond memories of my Dad taking me to McDonald's when I was three years old every Saturday and my Dad talking them into making a special Happy Meal just for me at 8:00am because they didn't serve lunch until 11:00am and I didn't want McDonald's breakfast. I wanted a Cheeseburger! (I was a sort of demanding as a child!!) Anway, I wasn't sure if he was quite old enough to eat one but he was hungry, I had not been to the grocery store, and Josh was playing tennis so hitting the drive-thru for fast food was our only option right?! Plus I was craving a Quarter Pounder ;) I also broke down and bought Riley a pack of Chicken Nuggets because even Dogs need a sinful treat every once in awhile! Let me just tell you that Jonah could be the new billboard for the phrase I'm Lovin' It at McDonald's. He ate the entire cheeseburger (plain of course), all of the french fries, the box of applejuice, and for good measure I added in a Gerber jar of peaches (so I can still be considered for a Mommy of the Year award!) He loved the cheeseburger and the fries! He actually said Mmmmm as he was eating the cheeseburger!! LOL! So, I have a feeling we may be visiting McDonald's again in the near future!

After Riley ate his Chicken Nuggets, Jonah thought his best friend might still be hungry so he shared a few bites of his cheeseburger and fries with Riley! Isn't that sweet?! Of course he wouldn't give any to the woman that went through 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth to bring him into this world after she finished her Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Supersized fries!!! I'm still a little bitter about it and it happened last week!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Flower Power

On my way to take Jonah to school this morning I decided to stop by and take a couple of pictures of him among the Lone Star State Flower - the Bluebonnet! I think every child that grows up in Texas has their picture made at some point in the bluebonnet fields. I've been on a mission to find a field near our house and thanks to a post on my MMM group website I found one down the street! So, even though it was chilly and an overcast outside, I decided to get a few pics before they are gone because I'm not sure how long they last! Now I'm on a personal mission to get even more pictures when it's sunny outside! Especially since I couldn't get Mr. Jonah to smile this morning! I guess he's not much of a morning person!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hoppy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

We had a great weekend! Saturday we relaxed and hung out at home for a change! It was great. We went to Lifetime Fitness and Josh and I worked out with our trainer. Since Josh and I are planning a vacation somewhere tropical this summer, I need all the motivation I can get to get my body swimsuit ready! LOL

We were planning on going to my parent's ranch on Saturday for an Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner and it ended up Snowing! Isn't that crazy! Only in Texas!!

Sunday we drove to Hico to spend Easter with Josh's Grandmother. We had lunch and then Jonah and Kayla played that afternoon! It was still too cold outside for an Easter Egg Hunt so they just had fun inside walking all over the place! Yep - both Jonah and Kayla are walking now! Very exciting!

Enjoy the photos and have a great week!

Jonah's Easter Basket
Jonah playing with his new Lego Building Blocks from the Easter Bunny!
What's in this egg?
I love my new blocks!
Reading my new bunny book!
Was Jon making Jonah laugh or was Jonah making Jon laugh??
Jonah and Kayla checking out the finger paint in Jonah's Easter basket from Jon, Amy and Kayla!

Jonah and Mimi
Mimi and Riley relaxing after lunch!

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Visit with the Easter Bunny

On Sunday my McKinney Moms Meetup group had an Easter Extravaganza at one of the parks near our house. We took Jonah and he had his picture made with the Easter Bunny! He wasn't scared of the Easter Bunny but really did not want to be held at all! He just wanted to get down in the grass and crawl around! He was too young for the Easter Egg hunt but since the weather was so nice we hung around and met some of the other families. It was a good time! Afterwards we drove around and looked at new houses! Josh and I have new house fever!

The best way to wear out a 1 year old....

Take him to the tennis courts and let him loose in his walker!

We took Jonah to the Tennis courts in our community on Saturday to let him roam around in his walker! He was so excited that he could just go and go and not bump into any furniture! He was very serious about walking and got really excited when he realized he could go backwards! Needles to say, he crashed as soon as we started driving back home!

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