Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful considering my current status of "Mandatory Bedrest" so my parents and my brother Charlie were sweet enough to come to our house and bring us Thanksgiving dinner as well as stay to help Josh out with Jonah since I was imprisoned on the couch. We watched a lot of football and several Christmas movies. I kept Jonah entertained with a package of construction paper, tape and scissors (blunt of course). We made crowns and hand turkeys for everyone. My brother Charlie was even nice enough to put up our Christmas tree for us on Friday but I couldn't talk anyone into putting our Christmas lights up outside on our house! I guess we'll be hiring someone to do the job as usual! Now, I just have to talk Josh into doing all of our Christmas shopping! Ha!

Our family has much to be thankful for this year! We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed their time with friends and family.

Below are a couple of pictures we managed to take.

My location during the Thanksgiving holiday - the couch!

Papa and Jonah wearing the crowns we made.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 2

This past weekend we had our second Thanksgiving celebration with Josh's family in Austin. There was good food, lots of playing, and many new memories made!

Click to play Thanksgiving 2008
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Will work for Sunchips

After one of my conference calls this morning I walked out into the family room and told Jonah we needed to finish getting dressed for school. He told me that he would go to school after Ozwald was over and I said, "No, we need to leave in the next five minutes, Mommy has another conference call for work in thirty minutes." So, he put on his shoes and we headed out the door.

We arrived in his class at school. We put up his backpack and before he headed over to circle time he ran back up to me and gave me another big hug and kiss and said, "I love you Mommy! You have to go back home now and go to work so you can buy me Sunchips!"

Party Animal

After the Backyardigans we headed to a birthday party for Jonah's friend Quanah, who turned 7 years old, at Pump it Up! Jonah loves bounce houses which is why we ended up purchasing our very own for the backyard. They provide hours of fun and a great night's sleep!

Jonah played for hours through the maze of bounce houses, played air hockey with Josh, he ate pizza (dinner #2) and then cake! Apparently he had worked up quite the appetite! Jonah was one of the youngest kids there but he had no problem keeping up with the older kids!

Five minutes after we backed out of the parking lot Jonah passed out!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tale of the Mighty Jonah

They are a Schneider household name. We have several of their DVD's. They come on Noggin and we have a set recording on the DVR at 7pm CST sharp each day to record their cartoon! Most days we have their CD's blaring in our car as we drive. They are known as Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, Uniqua, and Austin.

They are the Backyardigans, and today we took Jonah to see them LIVE! Today's show "Tale of the Mighty Knight" is one of Jonah's favorite episodes. We have the DVD and even though it's a little embarassing, Josh and I both have the entire movie and all of the songs on it memorized. However, I will say that the Backyardigans is by far one of my favorite Noggin cartoons and I really do like their music and their dancing. I don't mind listening to them in the car. They don't make me want to pull my hair out the way some do!

We went to the concert today with our very good friend's Shannon, Bryce and Ryan. Jonah and Ryan had a great time! After the concert we headed to a birthday party for Jonah's friend Quanah. It was a busy day for The Mighty Jonah!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Fall!

Here are some fall pictures I took of Jonah over the weekend. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving: Part 1

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday probably because we have multiple Thanksgiving Day celebrations with our family and that means lots of yummy food and good times with family. November is always a busy month for us! This weekend we had Thanksgiving dinner with Josh's Dad and Susan before we rode the Polar Express. Susan started a tradition last year making Thanksgiving placemats for Jonah and Kayla and then this year Christian made his first placemat. So, they enjoyed making their "hand" painted turkey and decorating their placemat with markers and colors. Jonah and Kayla also had so much fun playing in the leaves in the yard, playing chase and riding in the wagon. After lunch we tried to put them down for a nap before riding on the train but that didn't work out so well. They were having so much fun laying in Oma and Opa's bed together reading books and watching the Polar Express that they never fell asleep!

I can't wait until a couple of years from now when there will be four cousins, maybe more, running around and playing together during the holidays! That is something I really missed out on as a child growing up. All of our extended family lived on the East Coast so we never celebrated holidays with them and being by far the youngest in my family I didn't have anyone to play with during the holidays so that's something I always wanted my kids to have and now they do so it makes me very happy! I love having all the family around and the chaos of it all!

Jonah and Kayla

Christian's adorable smile

Reading together in Opa and Oma's bed

Watching the Polar Express on Jonah's portable DVD player when they should be taking a nap!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Polar Express

We took a ride on the Polar Express with Jonah and our family over the weekend. Jonah's Opa was the Conductor and Oma was one of the Reindeer Helpers. Jonah has been reading the book and watching the movie all week to get ready for his big train adventure! The kids wore their pj's and had hot chocolate and cookies while watching the hot chocolate dancers perform, listening to music and listening to the Polar Express story on the train ride. Aftwerwards we pulled into the North Pole where all the kids were greeted by carolers and Santa!! It was a perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit!

Click to play The Polar Express 2008
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Friday, November 07, 2008

Low key

This rest of this week has been pretty low key for the Schneider family for obvious reasons so I haven't had much to blog about.

I could have blogged several posts about the election this week but I usually just leave the political commentary to Josh. If you don't know Josh, we talk a lot about politics in our house but I ususally don't post our views on the blog. I will say that neither of the candidates were a top pick for either of us but we were only given two choices. It saddens and scares me that Americans decided to let Hollywood and a biased media help them choose the President of our country instead of reading the facts and then making their own decision. I hope they chose wisely. I guess only time will tell. Let's just say we had our day of mourning at the Schneider house on Wednesday and now it's time to move on.

We've watched a lot of movies and spent a lot of time just hanging out as a family and that's been really nice. Though I think Riley is starting to get a little cabin fever. When he doesn't get to go on regular walks he gets a little hyper! Hopefully he'll get some outdoor time this weekend.

Below are a few pictures I've managed to snap of Jonah this week!

Happy Friday!

Enjoying an ice cream sandwich!

Jonah's school had their own election on Tuesday and Percy's Pajama Day won so they all get to wear their pajama's at school all day today!

Watching the Polar Express in 3D

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sentence reduced to "on parole"

I had another appointment and sonogram yesterday and it was determined that I have "marginal placenta previa". But the good news is that my doctor said that this tends to correct itself and the placenta tends to migrate back up during the remainder of the pregnancy. So, they will closely monitor it and until my next sonogram I have been placed on "restricted activity" instead of complete bedrest. I guess that's good! Bedrest is a lot harder than I anticipated! I still can't do any strenuous activity that might provoke bleeding including walking or standing for long periods of time, walking up and down the stairs, or heavy lifting. This means I still can't pick up Jonah and that's killing me but he's been very sweet and every time I tell him I can't pick him up because my tummy is hurting he gives my tummy a little kiss!

Baby Schneider doesn't seem to be affected by my "MPP" though! She was very active during my sonogram yesterday and seemed to be growing and progressing right along and that's the most important thing!

Thank you to all my friends and family that have called, texted, emailed, and followed up on Facebook to see how I was doing!! Your prayers and well wishes were granted because it looks like everything is going to be okay. I just have to continue to take it easy and rest because Baby Schneider will be here before you know it so I guess I need to take advantage and get all the rest I can get right now!!

Here are the newest pictures of our little girl!

I love the caption the ultrasound tech wrote on this picture "I am still a girl" with an arrow pointing to the specific area!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Prisoner in my own bed

I'm writing this post from the confines of my bed right now thanks to a doctor's orders of "Bedrest". Yesterday I spent five hours in the ER after an ultrasound determined that I had a small hemorrhage line in the placenta. But the baby is fine. I watched her for about thirty minutes move all around, heart beating rapidly, grasping and kicking while the ultrasound tech took a million photos of the surrounding area.

I think secretly all pregnant women at some point wish for a couple days of bedrest. The fantasy of laying in your bed catching up on your sleep and being waited on hand and foot sounds really good in theory but now that I've done it for the first time for just a day and a half I realize that the reality of "bedrest" is not that much fun especially when you have a two and a half year old. I have a whole new respect for the women that have to spend the majority of their pregnancy on bedrest. I would go insane! But I guess you do it because it's worth it and you do anything you have to do to protect the little one!

I can't pick Jonah up and that's been really hard so he's laid in bed with me watching DVD's and pretending to take care of me and the baby. Yesterday he even put a french fry on my belly and said "Here you go baby!"

While I'm a prisoner in my own bed, Josh has been a wonderful husband and doing everything, playing for hours with Jonah, cooking, cleaning, washing all the clothes, going to the grocery store and running errands. I think he's a little exhausted! That's not to say Josh doesn't always help out but we usually share these responsibilities. Since I can't get up and play with Jonah, Josh had a brilliant idea while at the grocery store today and bought two flashlights for Jonah. So, we've been laying in bed playing our own flashlight version of chase on the ceiling and hide and seek.

I hope to get an appointment first thing in the morning with my doctor to have another ultrasound and hopefully get released from my two day sentence in bed!

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