Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I need a Hero!!

Josh and I were finally able to watch the Heroe's season premiere last night after we put Jonah to bed! I had to TiVo it on Monday night because I had a Junior League meeting. All I can say is "This is the greatest show ever!!" I am so addicted and am already counting the days until the next episode! Every scene is exciting and leaves you wanting more and more! I can already tell that this season is going to be even better than last season. Shannon and I were talking at lunch today and decided that this show could possibly go on forever because their are so many story lines that they could go with and you know what, I would be okay with that! If you have not watched this show then I strongly urge you to either rent last season or buy it on DVD. You will not be disappointed and you will instantly be hooked like me and Josh!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Shannon joins the club!

One of my best friend's finally joined the club and said goodbye to 29 and hello to 30 on Sept 19th so we had a girl's night out to celebrate on Saturday. Vicky, Lindsey, and I took her to dinner at Gloria's on Greenville and we tried to have dessert at a chocolate bar on McKinney Avenue but that didn't work out so well. So, then we headed to Martini Ranch for drinks only to find out that it was no longer Martini Ranch and was now some kind of lounge that didn't look like much fun at all so we ended up at a place called Republic for drinks. Shannon's husband Bryce met us out and we hung out for awhile and then headed home around midnight! I don't think you are allowed to stay out after midnight if you are over 30!! ;) Shannon and I tried very hard to think of a place to eat dessert on our way back home to McKinney but unfortunately there are no Kerbey Lane's in Dallas like in Austin so we were out of luck!

At 18 months old Jonah....

Repeats everything you say!
Always has to have one or both feet sticking out from under the covers when he sleeps (just like his mom!)
Loves to be chased around the house
Has started asking "what's that?" but usually just says "that?"
Is starting to say phrases like "bye bye dog" or "hi mommy, hi daddy" and still constantly says "no no Riley"
Loves to feed you his food! Especially the cereal out of his cereal bowl when it's nice and soggy!
Has almost all of his teeth
Is starting to answer questions with a simple "yes or no" or he shakes his head and says "yes, yes, yes" or "no, no, no"
Will run up to you and give you a hug and put his head on your shoulder! My heart melts everytime!
Loves to sing and dance to "If you're happy and you know it.."
Tries really hard to blow bubbles and it's so cute to watch his facial expression
Has learned how to work the DVD player
Can point to his body parts and say some of them(head, nose, belly button, eyes, ears, hands, legs and toes)
Loves picking a book off the shelf at bedtime and trying to read to Mommy and Daddy.

He's changing so much on a daily basis and I can't believe the time has flown by so fast! He'll be 2 years old before we know it!

It's amazing how much our life has changed since we became parents. There have been a lot of tears and a lot of laughter. We spend each day trying to teach him about the world and in return he's teaching us a lot about ourselves and how to live life to the fullest! Before you have a baby everyone tries to tell you about how much love you will have for this tiny little person but you never get it until they fall down for the first time and those little tears start flowing, or they say hi to someone in the mall and that person doesn't say hi back and you see the disappointment on their little face, or when they are just about to fall asleep and they put their head on your chest and pat your face with that tiny little hand! That's when you finally get it!

Then they go and pull all the toilet paper off the roll, pull all the pots and pans out of the cabinet, scream for more juice, lock you in the garage, turn the Baby Einstein DVD off and run up to you with the remote control going "uh oh" and then pee on the floor while you are changing their diaper and the bliss slowly wears off and a thought quickly flashes through your mind "What have we done??"

I'm just kidding of course! We can't imagine our life without Jonah now! He's a our greatest accomplishment and we are looking forward to many more family memories!

Need for Speed

To celebrate Jonah turning 18 months old we were going to take Jonah to the Plano Balloon Festival and then out to dinner but we didn't make it down to Plano for the 6pm launch of the balloons on time so we decided to just go to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner and games! Jonah had so much fun riding on the carousel and the other rides!

Friday, September 21, 2007

18 Months old today!!

We have survived and made it to another major milestone is Jonah's life today! He is 18 months old! That's 1 1/2 for those without kids ;) I had to add that in because friends and other people without kids usually ask me why parents always refer to their children's age in months. Well, it's becasue for example there is a huge difference between a 12 month old and an 18 month old so it order to accurately convey their age developmentally and physically you say how old they are in months. I think that stops after they are 2 years old and there aren't so many changes occuring.

Anyway, we have a big night planned for Jonah to celebrate so I'll be updating with the details later! Here are a couple of pics I took last night of Jonah and Josh!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Manic Monday

I hate goodbyes but I was glad to say goodbye to Monday! It started out bad and just continued to get worse as the day progressed. Jonah woke up with an upset stomach (aka major blowouts) and a horrible rash all over his bottom (He's going to be so excited to know that I shared this information with everyone when he is older!) This rash was much worse than your normal run of the mill diaper rash so I decided we needed to make an appointment with the pediatrician to have it checked out. We went to the doctor and found out that he has a viral infection which was causing the upset stomach which in turn was causing the rash. So, Dr. Alvis prescribed him an ointment for the rash and lactinex supplements to help him keep the good bacteria he needed in his system to fight off the infection. The doctor's office visit was no sweat but trying to pick up his prescriptions was a nightmare! We spent 20 minutes at the doctor's office and 4 hours trying to get his prescriptions. Right now I am not on good terms with Walgreen's. Don't these people know how hard it is to get a baby in and out of the car for numerous trips to the pharmacy? Especially a sick baby?? Apparently not! We were finally able to get home and I put Jonah down for his nap which lasted a mere 20 minutes. Nap time is a precious commodity and when they miss it, it's not only bad for the baby but it's bad for mommy too!

So, after Jonah woke up from his short term nap, he had his usual snack and juice. Then he was playing with his push lawnmower and somehow tripped and fell on the handle of the lawnmower and cut his left earlobe! It was bleeding and turned a pretty shade of purple. I tried applying ice but Jonah freaked out and after watching enough UFC fight matches with Josh, I knew that when you cut your earlobe the cartilage grows back in weird formations causing the "cauliflower effect" so I loaded Jonah up and we headed to the Acute Care Clinic. Luckily he only scraped his ear but the doctor said we had to watch for swelling and if it did start to swell we had to go straight to the ER so they could drain it. They cleaned him up and sent us back home with Neosporin and an ice pack.

I continued to watch his ear until he went to bed and I didn't see any swelling so I think it's going to heal just fine! Jonah made out pretty well and didn't seem too phased by the days events! He scored a toy truck after the first doctor visit and McDonald's after the second doctor visit! But right before his bath things started to calm down and Jonah had fun playing on our bed in our mound of pillows! But I was careful to not let him get close to the edge! That's all we needed was a trip to the ER for a broken bone!

After Jonah fell asleep I plopped onto the couch with a PB&J and immersed myself into MTV reality TV including the Hills and the Life of Ryan. Watching someone else struggle with daily life always makes me feel better! Even though I don't think Lauren's struggles with dating or not dating Jason and Ryan's struggles with hanging out with friends or his little brother Kane are not even on the same level as my daily struggles but Oh Well! :)

Jonah managing to have a little fun before bedtime! We both needed it!

The Cutting Edge

I finally broke down and we took Jonah to get his first haircut on Sunday. I've been letting it grow out because I love his blond curls but it was getting really long in the front and it was becoming hard to manage. Plus, I didn't want him to end up looking like Kate Hudson's son so I decided we should have it trimmed. We took him to Snip-its in Frisco and Miss Pam hooked him up with stylish "do" while leaving the curls in tact which made me and Josh happy! Jonah sat very still while she snipped away and kept his eye on her in the mirror! Afterwards he had fun picking out a prize and taking his picture!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Watch out Federer!

Watch out Federer! He may only be 1 1/2 but I forsee many US Open championships in his future!

A Walk in the Park

Friday night Josh and I had date night! We went out to eat then went to watch "Superbad". If you haven't seen this movie let me just tell you that it's hilarious! If you liked the movie "Knocked Up" you will like this movie.

Saturday night we were going to go to Grapefest in Grapevine but figured we would want to try all the vino and unfortunately Jonah's too young to drive us home so we ended up going over to our friends' Johnny and Sarah's house for a cookout. Jonah had fun playing with Ashton and Reese. We tried to get pictures of Jonah and Reese together before we left but they weren't having it.

This morning I took Jonah and Riley to the park so Josh could sleep in. We went to Aviator Park in McKinney. Jonah had so much fun watching the planes take off at the airport next to the park while he rode the swings! He went down the slide at least a dozen times by himself but spent an hour on the swingset! I think I wore him out because he's been asleep for almost three hours now! I'm not complaining though because it's given me a chance to catch up on our blog!

D's Art Show

Josh and I attended our friend D's art show last weekend in downtown Dallas. He had some pretty interesting pieces but unfortunately I couldn't talk him down on the price for the Audrey Hepburn painting that I liked :) I should have taken some pictures of the artwork but I only managed to get a few phots of us and friends!

Lindsey and Vicky

Us with the artist known as D
Posing for the camera

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Familiar Face

Okay so my friend Amy did one of these on her blogs with her four girls and I just thought it was such a cute idea I had to copy her. Especially since it's been really hard for us to determine exactly who Jonah looks like. He has my eye shape, Josh's eye color, and Josh's hair color when he was a baby but my hair color now. Okay fine, so mine has a little help from the lovely staff at Salon at Eaton Court! Anyway, people always have a hard time deciding who he really looks like. Well, the results are in and it appears that Jonah is a perfect blend of both of us! What do you think??

Historic Evening

On Friday we took our good friends Jenn and Vince down to the McKinney Square to celebrate their recent engagement. We had dinner at Rick's Chop House in the Grand Hotel and then afterwards we took a carriage ride around the Historic distric of McKinney. We've lived in McKinney for 5 years and while we've been down to the square several times I had never been through the historic homes neighborhood! The houses were so cute. We had a good time!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Carousel Ride

This weekend we took Jonah to ride on the carousel at Stonebriar Mall. He smiled and waved at everyone as we went around and around. Everytime the horse would go up and down he would scream "Wee!" It was too cute! Even though we rode three times he still cried when we took him off so it looks like we'll be going back again very soon!

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