Thursday, August 27, 2009

Third Time's a Charm

I'm hoping that's the case with the third set of ear tubes that Jonah received this week plus having his adenoids removed. He was a real trooper when we headed to the surgery center before the sun came up, something none of us are used to. After a shot of the "happy juice" I wouldn't mind having one of those for myself and a little persuasion with some surgical gloves, Jonah happily left in the arm's of our doctor and headed to the OR. Exactly 47 minutes later, he was sobbing in the recovery room over the fact that there was an IV in his arm. It took me, Josh and a nurse to hold him down so he wouldn't rip it out. Finally, he calmed down, took a few sips of apple juice and they removed the IV and released us home! After a 4 hour nap he was back to being Jonah, running around and begging for fruit loops and goldfish!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Into the Zone

After going to the Wet Zone with our friends this summer, I knew we would be going back again soon because Jonah had so much fun and it's the perfect water park for young children. The pools are not too deep. There are slides and playscapes designed just for toddlers and they even have a lazy river.

So, what better place to take Kayla when she came to visit Jonah especially since Kayla loves, loves, loves the water! Did I mention she loves the water? They had so much fun and Jonah even managed to get Kayla to go down one of the slides!

Monday, August 24, 2009


A Children's Museum is designed to encourage children from a very young age to explore and learn through interactive exhibits which stimulate their curiosity and creativity in a fun environment. Well, the Children's Nature and Science Museum in Dallas provides just that type of opportunity.

Going to a Museum with four little ones (two three year olds, a fourteen month old and a four month old) is an adventure in itself. Especially when you start out the trip by parking right in front of the front doors to the museum but don't realize that you've parked in front of the front doors and walk all around the Fair park complex in the 100 degree Texas heat looking for the front door. Then when you finally find a door to go in and walk to the counter where you pay, you look out the window and see your car! Sometimes I ask myself "why"? Why do moms continue to torture themselves like this??

But I finally got over it and we ended up having a great time answering some of the kid's "why's" by exploring our world in the dinosaur dig, the water room, and on the little farm.

* Yes, that is my son checking out the elephant to find out if it is a boy or girl!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Time with Friends

My friends Sarah, Courtney, Jenn and I along with our kiddos all got together for a couple of days of fun! We hung out in the pool, grilled out and took the kids to the Wet Zone! We had a great time catching up and reminincing about our college days at SWT! It was a lot of fun and it's something we definitely need to do more often!

Dora Live

I took Jonah to see Dora Live with my best friend Vicky and her niece Emory. Jonah was super excited to see Swiper the Fox and was even more excited when Diego made a special appearance during the show. After the show he asked me if he could buy Meredith a Dora doll to take home while we were in line waiting to buy his rescue pack! Isn't that so sweet??

Taste of Dallas

Jonah, Meredith and I headed down to Dallas to attend the Taste of Dallas a few weeks ago with our friends Vicky, Lindsey and her husband Mark. Good food and good times with friends.

Meredith was really upset that she couldn't try all the good food!

Broken Promise

So I made a little promise in one of my last posts to try and post something every day! Ok, so that didn't really work out as planned! At this point, I'm so behind that I am just going to have to do a bulk update and try to start again with the daily posts.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fantastic Four

Miss M turns 4 months old today! Our little ladybug is growing and changing so fast. It seems like Jonah stayed a newborn forever and with Miss M every time I blink, she's one month older. Smiling, Cooing and Laughing consume her days when she's not sleeping! And she's a girl on the go. After Jonah was born I think we were too scared to take him anywhere for fear of him catching a cold or crying and making a scene in public. But with a 3.5 year old we can't sit at home all day so Meredith goes more places and does more than Jonah did at her age. Just in four short months she's been to the zoo, the pool, the gym, the salon, the mall, and various restaurants. She's been on a roadtrip to Austin, she went to the Taste of Dallas, and she goes to all of Jonah's playdates.

I still watch in amazement as Jonah interacts with Meredith. He is so smitten with her. She is the first person he asks about in the morning and he showers her with hugs and kisses all day long until it's time for bed. He tells me when she's upset and he checks on her while she's napping. He draws her pictures and brings her "surprises" from the store. The joy on his face when he makes her smile or laugh is priceless. Everyday I try to engrave that image in my memory!

I hope it lasts! We'll see how "smitten" he is when she starts taking his toys as she gets older or better yet, dating his friends when they are in high school! Heh!

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