Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How a 1 year old Celebrate's a Birthday...

Wakes up and eats breakfast,

takes a nice relaxing bath,

get's dressed in appropriate Birthday attire,

calls up a few buddies,

and has a P-A-R-T-Y!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Jonah!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Jonah!

A recap of Jonah's first year! Enjoy the photos :)

We had Jonah's Birthday party at School on Wednesday. Jonah's friends sang Happy Birthday to him and then we had ice cream, jello, and Jonah's favorite - Cheetos Puffs! It was a good time! Afterwards Josh and I took Jonah to the park for a walk and he had fun swinging on the swings!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Ball Pit

Jonah's Nana and Pooh bought him a ball pit for his birthday and it arrived yesterday! So, I put it together and when Jonah got home he headed straight for it and spent a good hour playing inside with all 100 balls. He was laughing and throwing the balls everywhere. Then he realized he could push the balls out of the tent and Riley would chase them. That lasted for another hour! We had bright colored balls all over our house!

BTW - the ball pit is currently residing in our formal dining room! Thanks Mom ;)
(see blog entry on 2/16/07 titled - Too Sweet!)

Jonah's First Birthday

We had Jonah's First Birthday party this weekend on Saturday! We had a great time with all of our friends and family and Jonah had so much fun opening all of his presents from everyone! I think we waited too late to sing Happy Birthday and give him his cake! He was already so tired from all the excitement! Or maybe it was the fact that his smash cake was pink! LOL (long story!) Anyway, thanks to everyone that came over to help us celebrate! Enjoy the pictures :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Where's Jonah???

Jonah was already feeling so much better after his surgery (tubes in his ears) on Thursday!

Where's Jonah??

There he is!!!

Jonah's First St.Patrick's Day!

Jonah wore his green to school on Friday since Saturday was his birthday party!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Tickle Me Elmo

Since Jerod will be in Corpus Christi for Jonah's birthday party he and Lauren decided to give Jonah his birthday present early when they came over on Saturday. I didn't know what they were giving him and when I saw the box I was excited. I figured he would love Tickle Me Elmo because Jonah loves to laugh so much. Anway, we opened the box and turned Elmo on and poor Jonah lost it! He started screaming and crying. Elmo scared the hell out of him! He jumped in my lap and wouldn't even look at Elmo so we quickly hid him behind a pillow. I've never seen Jonah act scared of any toy! I'm not sure if it was the red fur or because he laughed so loud! I don't know what it was that scared him so much! I feel so bad because I know they went to a lot of trouble to pick out the gift for Jonah and it was such a sweet gift. But I think Jonah will come around and will eventually like Elmo! I hope so! Maybe when he's a few months older :) But for now he's sitting in the gift bag out of Jonah's sight!
He won't keep his pants on! Is that a bad sign??
Obviously we couldn't get a pic of Jonah and Elmo together :(
Make it Stop!!!

Weekend Update

I was so sad to lose an hour this past weekend. I need all the extra hours I can get these days - like 5 extra hours a day would be nice.

We had a good weekend. Friday I went to dinner with Vicky, Kim, and Shelley and found out my friend Shelley is engaged. Very exciting news! Josh and Jonah had a guys night in.

Saturday I had another girl's lunch to celebrate my very good friend Jenn's birthday! Jonah tagged along on that trip and he had fun hanging out and flirting with all the girls (by pulling his shirt over his head and showing off his little six pack!!)

Saturday night Josh and I went to his Manager Kevin's birthday party and then afterwards we went to go see 300. That was the first movie I have been to in almost a year! So, I got the large popcorn with extra extra butter as a treat! I'm not sure which was better - the popcorn or the movie! LOL. The movie has a lot of blood and fighting but it's still good if you are into that sort of stuff and I am especially since Josh and I visited the spot where the Spartans fought the Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae when we were in Greece.

Sunday Josh had to go to the office to do some work and Jonah and I hung out at home and played and then headed to the mall for a little retail therapy. Afterwards we met Josh at his office and went out to eat barbeque for dinner! Very yummy!

After resetting all of our clocks last night we still overslept this morning! Probably because it was still dark in our room at 7am! I guess as always it will just take some time for our bodies to adjust! :)

Have a great week!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring is in the air!

What a gorgeous day today is! Now Texas has some ridiculously hot summers and even stranger winters but today is perfect! 73 degrees outside, sunny, with a light wind! Absolutely wonderful! March is my favorite time of the year in Dallas because the weather is just perfect for being outside and it's really the only time of the year that you can sit outside to eat during the day without needing to jump in a pool afterwards! I wish everyday was like this, except maybe an occasional thunderstorm here and there so I can curl up on my couch and take a really good nap! ;)

Today is the reason I'm glad I work from home and not in a cubicle in an office. I took my laptop outside for a little while and did some work while I soaked up some rays and Riley ran around the yard! I just wish Josh and Jonah could be home with me so we could all enjoy it! Anyway, the Bradford pear in the front is just starting to bloom. I love this tree when it blooms! And my flowers are finally starting to bloom again! I think Spring is finally here! Whoo hoo!

Idol Favorite

Well, the votes are in! I am Jonah's pick for the next American Idol ;) Josh bought this shirt for Jonah and I thought it was too cute. I have the best husband!!

Schneider Out...

Tired of being Sick and Sick of being Tired!

Well, after my last post on Thursday of last week I went to pick up Jonah at daycare because they called and said he had gotten sick twice that morning. When I got there and picked him up he decided to get sick three more times. We got home and poor Jonah continued to get sick so we called his doctor (who is out on maternity leave) and they told us to try giving him small amounts of pedialyte every 20 minutes.

When that didn't work we headed to the Acute Care Clinic for Kids. I had to make sure he wasn't dehydrated because he wasn't able to keep any of the fluids down. He was diagnosed with the stomach virus that's been going around plus he still had the two ear infections so he had to get a shot since he wasn't able to keep his antibiotic down. Luckily he didn't have any fever and they were able to able to keep a couple of teaspoons of gatorade in him that night so we were finally able to go home. I felt so bad for him. He was so lethargic and just laid in my lap and watched Baby Einstein. Over the weekend we were finally able to start keeping some fluids in him but he was still sick on Monday.

It was a long long long weekend! We are all suffering from a lack of sleep and didn't get much done over the weekend! Jonah is finally feeling better today He's still on a bland diet and we are finally back on the antibiotic for his ears! Now if we can just get rid of the ear infection we might be in good shape and on the road back to a full night's sleep!
Still a happy camper even when he's sick!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Movin' on up

Check out Jonah in his new carseat! We finally upgraded him to the toddler carseat last night. I think I have been selfishly putting it off because that means I have to come to terms with the fact that he's actually growing up!!

It's been a crazy week so far and I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday because we are finally staying home for a change!! This week was Dr. Seuss week at school. So everyday they've had a different 'silly' clothing theme. Monday was silly socks day, Tuesday was silly mismatch day, Wednesday was silly pj day, and today is silly hat day! Tomorrow is silly inside out day!

We had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday with the ENT and Jonah is having tubes put in his ears on March 15th. He has an ear infection in both ears right now (poor baby!) but he's on an antibiotic so hopefully that will help. Yesterday we went to see his Pulmonologist and got some new meds that will help with his congestion at night! He coughs and wheezes all night long but it never seems to wake him up and I'm very thankful for that!

After the doctor's appointment yesterday we went to Josh's office and then went out for Mexican food! Jonah did really well eating his rice and cheese enchilada. He even tried a little guacamole and chips and he loved it!

Afterwards we headed to Babies R' Us to pick out the new carseat! We almost ended up with two disasters! Fist, Jonah decided to have a little blowout and I of course was out of diapers! Luckily they had them in the store so I grabbed one out of a package and changed him (and yes we paid for the package!). While we were doing that Josh checked out. Right as we were about to walk out the door I just happened to look at the carseat box and noticed it did not have a color/pattern written on the outside so I peeked inside the box and realized we bought the pink flower printed carseat and while it was cute, that just wasn't going to work for a boy! So, we had to return that one and exchange it for the platinum color (much more boyish!)I'm glad I checked before we got home!!

Well, the daycare just called and Jonah has gotten sick two times this morning so I need to go pick him up! Hope it wasn't the guacamole from last night!

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