Friday, February 29, 2008

This is not good...

Do you see what Jonah is holding in his hands??? Yes, that is a Sony Playstation game controller! Why is he holding it?? Because he has decided that he is going to play Playstation now with Josh. He evern refers to the controller as "Jonah's controller" Last night when we went upstairs to take his bath Jonah casually walked over to the Playstation and picked up the controller and said "Daddy play" I told Jonah that he could come play with Daddy after he was finished with his bath (thinking surely he would forget). I was wrong! As soon as we finished putting on his pj's and he piled his 10 blankets on the couch beside Josh it was like this lightbulb went off and then he said "Oh!" and jumped down off of the couch, ran into the bathroom, and grabbed the controller. He got back on the couch beside Josh and said "I play!" Josh was already playing a game of Oblivion so Jonah sat there and started pressing buttons and then he started telling Josh what to do on the game! "Go downstairs! "Go fru (through) that door!" Then when Josh's character had to fight one of the creatures on the game, Jonah told him "Be nice!" Too funny! My mommy radar should have gone off to warn me at that point that his comment probably meant the game was too violent for him to watch but I was too intrigued with the way he thought he was actually playing the game and giving Josh pointers! Does that make me a bad mommy?? Is he going to grow up now to be one of those kids that just sits in his room eating cheetos and playing Playstation for hours on end???

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dinosaurs Alive!

Yesterday we went to the Heard Museum in McKinney to check out the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit. At first Jonah was really excited about seeing the dinosaurs. He did okay with the first few but then they got bigger and louder and he got more scared! After we would walk past each one he would say "Bye Dinasour"! Then last night he kept asking me "Where did the dinosaurs go??"

I think I see a big one!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

23 Months Old!

Jonah turned 23 months old on the 21st! I think I'm in denial that he will be 2 years old next month! He is growing up so fast! He loves to sing and talk all the time! His favorite song to sing right now is Ba Ba Black Sheep! Jonah picks out what he wants to wear in the morning and he's very picky about which shoes he wants to wear with each outfit! He likes to try to put on his clothes and actually he's pretty good at it! He knows all of his colors and can count to 10. However he's still working on his ABC's. When I ask him how old he is he tells me that he's 5! LOL!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dinner with friends

Our friend's Brad and Courtney were in town from Austin visiting family so we decided to all get together for dinner last night. So, we met up with Johnny and Sarah, Vince and Jennifer and had dinner at Esparza's in downtown Grapevine. Good Mexican food, Good Margaritas, and catching up with Good friends! A perfect ending to the weekend!

Isabelle's Birthday Party!

Jonah's very good friend (aka girlfriend) Isabelle turned 2 years old on Saturday and celebrated with a party at her house! Jonah has been so excited about her birthday since he received the invitation. So much, that all last week when I was getting him dressed for school he kept asking me if we were going to Isabelle's party! So when I woke him up at 9:30am on Saturday I told him it was the big day and a huge smile appeared on his little face. The highlight of the party was a special performance by Mr. Isaac. Mr. Isaac comes to Jonah's school and sings every Tuesday. Jonah has been listening to him sing and play instruments since he was six weeks old so it's no surprise that Jonah adores him and loves his music. In fact I bought all three of his CD's and they play continuously in our car. You can hear some of his songs on several of my other posts (Jonah's Birthday 2007, Jonah's First Year, Valentine's Day 2008)Anyway, Jonah had a lot fun dancing and playing the instruments with Isabelle and his other good friends from school. They had pizza and cupcakes for desert. What a fun day!

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Hail Mary

We woke up to what sounded like our house being attacked on Saturday morning at 6:45am! Of course Jonah slept right through it. But that doesn't really surprise me since I slept through a tornado that hit our town when I was in High School. Anyway, here are some pics of the marble size hail that fell. Thankfully, the only damage we had was a broken light on the outside of our house.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day was a lot of fun around our house this year! Jonah received lots of sweet Valentine's Day cards from family and friends and a package of goodies from Nana. Then we had a party at Jonah's school! I spent the evening with my Valentine's - Josh and Jonah. We ordered in and then for desert we munched on the yummy cookie cake from Grandma.

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I'm going to sum up my evening last night and tell you why I can't have Valentine's Day candy in my house:

8 Valentine Day bags of goodies for Jonah's Teachers - $50.00

15 Valentine Day Cards handwritten for Jonah's Classmates - $10.00

2 Books, a stuffed Dog, and a bottle of bubbles for Jonah's Valentine's Day gift - $25.00

Not being able to fit my jeans tomorrow thanks to Reese's Heart Shaped Cups - Priceless

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Goodnight Moon...and Twinkle Twinkle's

Tonight Jonah and I took Riley outside to potty and while we were standing outside Jonah looked up towards the sky and yelled "Moon!" I said "Yep, that's the moon!" As we were walking back inside he said "Good night moon, Good night Twinkle Twinkle's" -referring to the stars! Too cute!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Riley!

Riley turned 4 years old on Saturday! He had a full day of birthday excitement!
A little history on Riley:
When Josh and I were on our honeymoon in Greece our dog Major was hit by a car and died. We were devastated. So much that we almost came home but decided there wasn't much we could do so we stayed couped up in our hotel room for a whole day and mourned! Anyway, after we came back home I found it very hard to not have a dog around. Especially with all of Major's toys, etc. laying around the house. So, after trying to adopt several dogs with no luck we decided to go to the pet store in Frisco and that's where we met Riley! He was six weeks old and a big ball of white fluff! He was the cutest little thing I had ever seen and when they brought him into the meet and greet area the first thing he did was try to eat our toes! We were instantly in love! So, our little bundle of fur came home with us that day and that's how it all began. I think because our time with Major was so short we became very protective of Riley and very attached. He was like our little baby! So, he goes with us everywhere and he is very spoiled. Some might say we are a little weird about our dog but if you have ever met Riley he is like this little person trapped in a dog's body! He has such a quirkly little personality! It's hard not to love him! But make sure you keep the part about him being a dog on the DL. He doesn't really know that he's a dog :)

This is a picture of Riley the day we brought him home!

So anyway, to celebrate the big number 4 Riley had bacon for breakfast and then that afternoon we took him on a long walk to the park and played fetch. Afterwards we treated him to a chicken dinner (his favorite) and then he opened his present (his other favorite - chicken jerky!) Jonah even sang happy birthday to him and then kept saying "Happy Birthday Ri-wee" the rest of the evening!

Opening his birthday present

Relaxing after a day of good food and fun!

Playtime at the Park and Lunch

On Saturday morning Shannon and I met for a playdate at Aviator Park with Ryan and Jonah! They had a lot of fun swinging and playing. The weather was great and it was a nice change from the play area at the mall. Afterwards we met Vicky for lunch at Mi Cocina and Ryan and Jonah had so much fun feeding all of our chips to the ducks in the pond and we had a good time being able to catch up!

Justa swingin'

Catch me if you can!

Sweet Boys!!

Since Vicky was sitting closest to the water she got suckered in to giving Jonah and Ryan chips every five minutes to keep feeding the ducks! Poor Vicky!

Visit from Grandma

Josh's Mom came over for a visit on Thursday afternoon. We did takeout for dinner and then she and Jonah played and read the Valentine's Day book she brought him! She has been super busy and we haven't see her since Christmas so Jonah was very excited to have a visit from his Grandma!


Kisses from Jonah

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I've created a little monster!

I don't know who enjoys their daily dose of blog reading more - me or Jonah! Jonah is fascinated with watching the videos and checking out the pictures. He especially loves watching any video that stars himself on our blog! He also loves watching his cousin Kayla and we usually watch the videos of him and Kayla at least 10 times a day! He will come and grab me and pull my hand to the study and say "puter" which means Computer. Isn't it crazy that he already knows what the computer is! He even tries to type and use the mouse! Josh and I hadn't even heard of a computer until we were in the 3rd grade and we played the Oregon Trail! Okay, I'm really showing my age now!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hey good lookin' whatcha got cookin' ???

It's 11am and if you are a wife and/or mom like me you are already thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight or if you are "Over Achiever Mom" (as my friend Amy calls them) you may have already made your weekly menu list on Sunday (I say that with some envy because I wish I could be that organized!). Whichever mom you are you have to check out the "Hot Moms Cook" blog. These fabulous gals have whipped up yummy kid-friendly meals, easy yet delicious appetizers for all your soirees, and other great recipes that will put an end to that dreaded question "What's for dinner?" And all the recipes are "Hot Mom" approved!

Also, be sure to check out my Guest Chef appearance on Feb 4th for a tasty appetizer made with our favorite household ingredient - Daisy Sour Cream!! :) Enjoy!

Monday, February 04, 2008

I left my heart in San Francisco

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." ~ Mark Twain

Well, it isn't technically summer but it was cold and it was wet! Josh and I ventured out to the Fisherman's Wharf on Saturday morning. There was an overcast but in putting all of our faith in we thought for sure that it would clear up by noon! Boy were we and wrong! After breakfast, we ended up having to buy umbrella's and Josh had to buy a warmer jacket because the rain starting pouring, the wind picked up and the temperature starting dropping!

But that didn't stop us from taking in all the sights that San Francisco had to offer. Even though we did have to take short breaks back in our car to warm up and dry out every few hours! We visited the shops at the Fisherman's Wharf, saw the sea lions at pier 39 and then took the ferry out to the island for a tour of Alcatrez. Josh and I walked into Al Capone's jail cell #181! That was crazy! We saw the Golden Gate bridge on our ferry ride but decided against trying to walk across it with the weather. We had also hoped to attend the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown but it was just too cold and rainy! So, we ended up having dinner down on pier 39 overlooking the sea lions where we had some really good clam chowder and seafood dishes and then we did a little more shopping before heading back to our hotel.

It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to go back again when the weather is better! Still it was a nice little getaway and Josh and I enjoyed spending some quality time together!

Enjoy the pics!

View of Alcatrez from the bay
The Sea Lions at Pier 39
Josh and Monda
Josh arriving at Alcatrez
View of one of the cells

Look who slept in their bed...

all night on Thursday! Yeah!! In fact he didn't want to get up when I went in his room Friday morning! And while we were out of town this weekend in San Fransisco he slept in his bed every night according to Jerod. He even slept in his bed all night last night after we got home though he tried several times to go to "Mommy's Bed" before I put him down for the night! You can't blame him for trying!!

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