Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daddy’s Little Girl


IMG_1921 copy

Monday, July 12, 2010

We do feed her, I promise!

We left a “bulk” box (thank you Costco) of Fruit Loops and Applejacks (because I believe in feeding the kids only the healthiest cereal) on the floor next to the trashcan because Josh was getting ready to take out the trash. Except Miss M confiscated it while he was putting on his shoes upstairs and decided to eat the few remaining pieces of cereal from the box. On the floor. Off her feet. And what do I do? Grab my camera of course. I just can’t pass up Kodak moments like this. It’s part of my official job as a mother. I think as a Mother I am also not suppose to let my children eat off the floor and keep plastic bags out of their reach but you know…….

IMG_1846 copy

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweet Smell of Victory

We had Jonah’s first soccer game on Saturday. At 8AM. In the rain. They won and Jonah scored a goal for his team so it was totally worth it. There was also one plane sighting, one yoga break, two falls to the ground, four kicks scored in the wrong goal and ten water breaks. Go Team Lightening!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sick Day

This is how we do a “Sick Day” at the Schneider house.

IMG_1583 copy

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My Sweet Boy

Pictures of Jonah from 4th of July weekend. I just love his sweet smile. He loves the camera and my camera loves him! He will always flash a smile for me and even requests that I take pictures of him playing just so he can see them on the computer. I guess it comes naturally since I have been snapping away with my camera like the paparazzi from the moment he entered this world.

IMG_1526 copy IMG_1532 copy IMG_1541 copy IMG_1580 copy  IMG_1581 copy

Monday, July 05, 2010

Miss Firecracker

Here are the pictures of Meredith from 4th of July weekend. She is growing so fast and turned 15 months old on July 2nd. I am going to blink and before I know it, she will be 2 years old. She is running all over the place. In fact, she loves to be chased! She loves to play with Jonah and all of Jonah’s toys. I mean I guess a batman helicopter is more fun to play with. However, she is very girly except that she will not keep bows in her hair. But she has developed quite an obsession for shoes…not sure where she get that from! Ahem. She loves all kinds of food. Everything from steak to pickles. She is very ticklish and has the best belly laugh ever. She loves books especially anything by Karen Katz and wants to read when she first wakes up in the morning and of course before she goes to bed at night. She waves and blows kisses to everyone. She can say Daddy, Hi, Doggie, Book, More, Mama, Bear, Uh-oh, Night-Night and Five (she likes to give high fives). She still doesn't watch TV which I guess is a good thing but I really miss being able to turn on Baby Einstein like I did with Jonah when I need to set her down to get something done. She is still madly in love with Riley and loves to follow him around, pet him, throw his toy for him and give him hugs and kisses. She gets very excited when Jonah walks into her classroom at school. Watching Jonah and Meredith interact with each other often leaves me speechless and sometimes in tears because they are so loving and caring with each other. I’m not even sure I can explain it in words. She is a great sleeper and is very set in her routine at night. This is a good thing because in the Schneider house we like our sleep! In fact tonight after her bath she walked into her room went straight to her crib and started shaking the rails. When I sat down in the chair she picked up a book and walked over to my lap and tapped on my knee to indicate she wanted up. How’s that for non-verbal communication? After we read, I put her in her crib and then turn out the lights. Very rarely do I even hear a peep or see her little head pop up as I walk out the door. She loves to brush her teeth and finally has a mouthful of teeth to brush. She loves to dance and when she hears music she will start spinning around in circles clapping and smiling. Okay, I could go on and on about all the things that she does now but I’m sure you have other things to do so I will just move on to the pictures. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th of July

The weather forecast did not look very positive for American’s birthday celebration weekend.  It rained on Friday and Saturday so when we woke up on Sunday morning to sunshine we put our gears in motion and headed outdoors to celebrate what was left of the holiday weekend. First we attended the 4th of July parade in downtown McKinney. This was our first year to ever attend a parade in McKinney even though we have lived here for eight years and I have to say I think the tiny town of Teague puts on a better parade than what we witnessed. At least in  Teague you will see a tractor or two pulling a couple of floats and at least a handful of people that are drinking alcoholic beverages out of a pitcher with a straw in the back of a truck throw handfuls of candy at the kids (I mean I don’t really know if that happens I’m just guessing..Ahem). Jonah seemed a “little” excited about the fire trucks and the motorcycles and Meredith “kind of” waved at some of the people riding in the cars. Needless to say I’m not sure we’ll be venturing downtown next year for the “big” parade.

After lunch and a long afternoon nap we packed up the car with all the firework spectator necessities: blanket, chairs, camera, snacks, drinks and a few toys in case the fireworks show was coordinated by the same person that coordinated the parade. 

And apparently it was. Ten minutes to pack the necessities, Fifteen minutes to pack the car and put the kids in their car seats and another ten minutes to drive to the ballpark to watch the fireworks show. Of course we arrived early in case there was a crowd so we spent another 15 minutes with Jonah asking at least once every minute of those 15 minutes when the fireworks show was going to start.  Finally, the show started at 9:45 and lasted a mere fifteen minutes. At the end even Jonah said “That’s it??”

IMG_1358 copy IMG_1364 copy IMG_1366 copy IMG_1394 copy IMG_1404 copy IMG_1405 copy IMG_1409 copy IMG_1413 copy IMG_1415 copy

Friday, July 02, 2010

Red White and Blue Parade

I went to watch the our two little firecrackers parade around in their Red, White and Blue on Friday at school. After the parade the parents were treated to yummy ice cream served by the students and we brought cupcakes to share with Jonah’s class. A perfect way to kick off the 4th of July weekend festivities!

IMG_1271 copy IMG_1275 copy IMG_1277 copy IMG_1289 copy IMG_1292 copy IMG_1297 copy IMG_1316 copy

My Cupcake Cutie

I would have never let our first born get away with this. He would have been sitting in his high chair with a bib and one of the big floor mats under the high chair in case a cupcake crumb fell on the floor. It's funny how the second one gets away with so much more isn't it??

When Jonah walked into the family room and saw Meredith he said "Wow Meredith! That's impressive!" Ha!

Of course Riley was on standby in case she wasn't able to lick off all the icing on her toes!

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