Sunday, August 01, 2010

Girl’s Gone Lazy

This past weekend my Chi Omega sorority sisters and I had our annual pledge class reunion. Our pledge class was small but we have all remained great friends and every year we try to get together for a fun weekend getaway. Away from work, husbands, kids and all the everyday stresses of adult life. It’s a chance for us to catch up and reconnect. A few of the girls couldn’t make it this year and we really missed having them there!

This year we went to Lindsey’s lake house in Conroe. And we did ABSOLUTELY nothing and it was FABULOUS! Shannon and I drove down Friday night after I flew in from a week long trip in North Carolina. I know I’m crazy but I couldn’t miss our reunion. We woke up Saturday morning, ate breakfast and then we put on our swimsuits, lathered up with sunscreen and spent the entire day laying out and doing what girlfriends do best – TALKING!

That evening we grilled out and Lindsey’s dad made us homemade vanilla ice cream (so yummy) and we celebrated Vicky’s (29th..Ahem) birthday with cupcakes from Sprinkles and champagne. Well, only a few of us had champagne. Lindsey is preggo with her first baby, a baby girl. And Stacey is preggo with her second and third baby! Yes, twins! A boy and a girl.

On Sunday I cooked breakfast for the gang (yes, I can cook!) and then we all headed back home. Vicky and I hosted Lindsey and Shannon for lunch at one of the new Mexican restaurants in our very small hometown. Of course when I told my mother the following day that we had stopped there to eat she was not too happy with the fact that I had not called ahead of time so that she and my dad could meet us there or better yet whip up a gourmet lunch for all of us at their house.

While I had so much fun relaxing with the girls it was so nice to get home and see my sweet little family who I missed oh so much!


IMG_1960 copy IMG_1965 copy

   A sorority picture pose                                               Us doing nothing

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