Monday, January 31, 2011

Just a quickie

I am kicking myself now for not taking my camera with me this past weekend on my very quick but very fun trip to Kansas City to spend the evening with my husband who was attending the Western Division conference for his college fraternity. Josh is a Western Division Vice President for Delta Tau Delta, a Chapter Advisor and a Director over 22 college chapters. Just a little something he does in his spare time.

On Saturday morning I flew to KC, spent a relaxing afternoon laying in my hotel room (since Josh was a presenter at the conference), ordering room service and watching the movie Valentine's Day on TV. I was actually able to eat my food while it was still hot and I was able to watch the movie from the beginning to the end without having to pause it for potty breaks. Once you become a mom, it's the simple pleasures like hot food and a good movie on HBO that can easily turn your day from being just okay to being GREAT!

That evening Josh and I attended the formal dinner for the conference where Josh won an award for Outstanding Alumni of the Year. I am very proud of my husband and all the hard work he has done for the Delts. On Sunday we slept in late, had lunch and then headed back home on a flight to Dallas.

It was a quick trip but just the little break we needed since we have both been so busy lately!

1 comment:

Katie said...

That sounds absolutely wonderful! And you're right, it is the little things!!

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