Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Frozen Tundra of North Texas

Sometimes I think the news stations in our area are a little over dramatic when it comes to our weather. But nevertheless, it is C-O-L-D. We are not used to temperatures in the teens in Dallas. Frozen roads + 11 degree temperatures = a mom and two kids that have been stuck indoors for two days in a row. And that my friends can cause a mom to go a little crazy. Especially today since not only are we stuck indoors again we are also having "rolling blackouts" every couple of hours. I know it's bad because I am actually feeling thankful for my iPhone.

I have watched cartoons laying by the fireplace, played go fish, danced, built two Thomas the Train track sets, kissed more boo boos's than I can count on two hands, put together three puzzles, fought in a dozen light sabre battles, pushed babies around all over our house in their strollers and read a least fifty books. And today is only half-way over!

Hello....Spring?? Are you there? It's me, Monda. I really need you to get here as soon as possible! Thank you!
{The ice skating rink aka our street.}
{It may look like snow but it is pure ice. Trust me, my bum had an up close and personal encounter with it this morning when I took out the trash.}
{My attempt at keeping the kids entertained this morning while cooking breakfast.}


hoLLy said...

your poor bum!! ouchie. when i went outside to check the mail yesterday, i was so very careful and slow that i probably looked hilarious. it is so slippery out there!

and i know the feeling of stir crazy all too well. . .with the whole month of december home with sick kids, i almost needed to be checked into a mental facility:) hang in there, probably only one more day of being stuck home! right? right?!

Katie said...

I hear ya, I can't believe this ice! It would be nice if it was snow, but this ice is no fun! I'm sorry you fell, ouch! :(

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