Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend! Amy brought Kayla and Christian up to meet their new cousin and Jerod and Lauren also came over to help us celebrate the holiday!

Jonah and Kayla had a lot of fun playing dress up, bouncing in the bounce house, and riding on the roller coaster in the toy room! Since the weather was so bad on Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny came by and hid the Easter eggs throughout the house and we had an indoor Easter egg hunt. Kayla only wanted the pink eggs so everytime Jonah found a pink egg he gave it to Kayla to put in her basket! It was so sweet!

The Baskets

Meredith's First Easter

The Hunt

Look at all those eggs

Meredith and Jonah

Our little chick

More family pics....

Cousins...we realized how hard it is to get four little ones to smile for the camera so this picture was the best we could get


The Tiger and the Super Hero / Knight

The Tiger and the Dragon

I think Kayla is pretty excited to have another girl in the family


Katie said...

How sweet, looks like Y'all had a wonderful Easter!

jenn said...

glad you all had a good weekend! I loke how Meredith could fit in her Easter Basket:) They are both so beautiful:)

lauren_kitts said...

precious can't wait to see ya'll again!!!
love, lauren

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