Monday, April 27, 2009

I made it through my first shopping trip alone with both kids....

My first trip out with both my children was while Josh was away for the weekend at a Fraternity reunion. Jonah decided he wanted to plant flowers and he wanted a bird feeder so he could watch the birds thanks to an article we read in his Nick Jr magazine on bird watching. So the three of us loaded up in the car and we headed out to Home Depot on Friday evening and purchased our items.

I was a little nervous about my first time out alone with both of them. You can abandon the shopping cart and chase down one child in a store but it's hard to chase one when you have another one that is asleep in a car seat that is sitting in the shopping cart. I'm not sure why I even thought this would happen. Jonah has never run away from me in a store but I definitely didn't want this shopping trip to be his first attempt.

I had really worked myself up over this first outing but to my surprise Jonah walked along right beside me and eagerly picked out a bird feeder, bird seed, the flowers he wanted to plant, potting soil and a flower pot. Meredith slept through the entire trip! No drama, no tears, and no fits from either of them! Yea!! Afterwards we picked up dinner, came home and had a great evening watching movies. All three of us slept in mine and Josh's bed. Jonah didn't even stir when Meredith woke up crying ready to eat! My fears of being out in public alone with both of them have been put to rest for now. That is until Meredith starts walking!!

Josh's Dad and Susan came up Saturday morning to visit and stayed the rest of the weekend. They enjoyed playing outside and walking around the neighborhood. I enjoyed the company and not having to cook!!


2 Little Irish Boys said...

Isn't life so very different with two babies but incredibly---what's the word---normal (can't think of any other word just hard to imagine life with just one!!

Katie said...

Hooray for you getting out & about by yourself with both!! I promise it gets better!~then again, I have 3 to deal with ;)

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