Saturday, May 02, 2009

1 month old

Meredith celebrated turning 1 month old today! She is just so beautiful and such a good baby. She's wrapping herself more tightly around my little finger with each day! Her hair is getting longer, her eyes are turning more blue and she is starting to sleep a little more at night. She had a checkup this morning with her pediatrician and she is 8 pounds 14 ounces and 21 inches long. She received an A+ on her report card. No vaccines today since she has a cold which means we've spent the last few nights with a humidifier and my new battery powered nasal aspirator close at hand. Josh says I'm a electronics junkie but what used to be an obsession with the latest and greatest that Best Buy had to offer has now been replaced with battery powered nasal aspirators, thermofocus thermometers and electronic baby care timers. I'm not sure how I survived without these convienent little electronics when I had Jonah. With him I used a regular thermometer, my baby care timer was a piece of paper and a pen and I used the blue nasal aspirator provided by the hospital.

As I type this post she is currently snuggled in my lap asleep where she spends most of her day. While I love nothing more than holding her in my arms, I have an ever growing to do list that also needs some attention. So, tomorrow I am purchasing a new sling to see how that works. At least then I will be have both arms free. Jonah never liked being in a sling but he seemed to be a little more independent as a baby. He loves to be around people and is very social but he also enjoys his alone time. Meredith does not like to be left alone especially in her crib or in the papasan chair! She likes the constant attention and is the most content when she is being held. I think this is a result of all the attention she received while I was pregnant with her! Or it might just be the difference between boys and girls.

In one of my previous posts my tone seemed a little stressed. I would say this week that the storm has calmed down but it's still cloudy. We are still trying to figure out a schedule in the evenings that works for us. Right now I'm missing a lot, like my time with Jonah. I'm usually so tired in the evenings and busy with Meredith that Josh is the one that takes care of Jonah (and yes, he is the perfect husband). Of course it's been that way for awhile since I was on bed rest during most of my pregnancy but at least I used to be able to lay in bed with Jonah and read to him and then stay with him until he fell asleep at night or lay on the couch with him in the mornings before Josh took him to school. Now Josh lays down with him at night and gets him ready for school in the mornings while Meredith and I sleep in since we've usually just fallen asleep after her last feeding around 6am. Actually I think this is harder on me than it is Jonah. He loves his time with Josh and I love watching their bond grown stronger everyday! Another thing I miss is sleeping in my bed but on the flip side it's so nice to sleep in Meredith's room and have everything I need and not have to worry about waking anyone up when she cries at night. I also really miss my time with my wonderful husband! Right now most of our interaction consists of passing each other on the staircase and sharing a kiss and hug or bumping into each other in the kitchen and exchanging a high five! I really shouldn't complain because this past weekend Jerod and Lauren stayed with us so Josh and I had two date nights! On Friday we went out to dinner and then saw the X-men movie. On Saturday we went to our favorite Sushi restaurant and then did a little shopping afterwards! It was a nice weekend and Josh and I enjoyed our alone time together.

I have to constantly remind myself that the four of us will be able to start doing more fun things together soon and Josh and I will eventually have more time together. I'm looking forward to our summer schedule. I have so many activities planned. I just have to start finding a few more hours in the day to fit them all in!!

Please Note** I was playing around with photo editing software with the photo above. I obviously still have a lot to learn!


Katie said...

Aw, Happy 1 month birthday!! The pics are so precious, and of course she is just darling!!

OHmommy said...

Awww... she is so yummy. Happy 1 month.
You will LOVE the sling. My kiddos lived in mine.

JDL Photography said...

She is so sweet and perfect! Happy 1-month Meredith!

CKY said...

She is so beautiful, and you take great pictures! Happy one month!

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