Thursday, July 09, 2009

Celebrating Independence

We celebrated the 4th of July in Austin with family. Popsicles, the pool, and the park entertained the little ones on Saturday and then we headed out to watch the fireworks show that night. We made two, and yes I said two trips to Dairy Queen for blizzards over the course of the weekend but they were so yummy that it was totally worth the couple of extra pounds I gained!

We have only braved the three hour drive from Dallas to Austin twice now with a newborn and both times she has surprised us by sleeping the whole way there. And as long as Jonah has his iTouch handy he is good for the entire trip. I have to say that the iTouch was the best gift idea Santa has ever had! We installed all of Jonah's DVD's on it as well as several games from Apple so he is perfectly content watching movies and playing games.

It was a great time and we were sad to see the holiday weekend end!

Meredith was really excited about the fireworks show, can you tell?!?! Heh!


hoLLy said...

you got some REALLY cute pictures! i miss the fireworks over the capital-that was neato. and i love how excited meredith was to watch the fireworks:) cute clothes for everyone too.

Formerly Gracie said...

Cute photos! I can't believe how much Meredith has grown since the very first pics you posted of her!

Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th. I know what you mean about the iTouch. We're the same way about our portable DVD player... never leave home without it :-)

Nicole J. said...


I was looking at an old e-mail from you with your directory info on it and I clicked on your blog link! So glad to see you doing so well and congrats on baby Meredith! She is beautiful!!! We should get together soon!

Katie said...

Y'all are seriously SO cute!! Sounds like Y'all had a blast!

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