Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day Mission

The hunt for the perfect Father’s Day gift for Josh started in early May! I wanted it to be something that he would enjoy. Josh is the most wonderful husband and father! And he does so much for me and for our family. I needed the gift to also be special

I thought about Glenn Beck’s newest book as part of his gift so I went to his website to browse around and noticed the advertisement that he and Bill O’Reilly were on tour together. The Bold and Fresh Tour 2010. Hmmm! I checked to see if they were coming to Dallas. Negative. But I did notice that they were going to be in St.Louis Father’s Day weekend. So, I put on my thinking cap and came up with a brilliant plan. I would take him to go see the show for Father’s Day. Perfect!

But then I started thinking. Josh is very passionate about politics. I enjoy it but I’m not as passionate about it as he is. So, I started thinking he might actually enjoy going with a friend more than me that is also passionate about politics. That could only be one person – his good friend and fraternity brother Paul Damico. So, I got online, booked the flights, found the hotel, bought the tickets, emailed Paul the plans and Voila! Father’s Day 2010 mission accomplished!

I think he and Paul really enjoyed the show and had a great time hanging out together and I enjoyed some one on one time with the kids this weekend! But of course we were very excited to see Josh when he got home yesterday afternoon!

The first thing Jonah wanted to do when he woke up yesterday morning was “Bake a cake for Daddy” So that’s what we did! After he got home we all took a family nap and then grilled steaks for dinner. A perfect end to the weekend!

{Jonah frosting his cake. We also sang Happy Father’s Day (to the tune of Happy Birthday) complete with candles!}

{Meredith approved of Jonah’s baking skills}

IMG_0877 copy IMG_0913 copy

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