Friday, June 11, 2010

Officially a Soccer Mom

Josh and I attended our first "Parent's Meeting" for Jonah's soccer team this summer season on Wednesday night. The equipment list required: Soccer cleets and shin guards. Geez...they are four years old. Do they think it's going to get that rough out on the field. I kind of envisioned them running out on the field chasing one or two soccerballs and the occasional butterfly. But this sounds like a serious sport. He will have practice once a week in the evenings and games at 8am on Saturday morning. Yay! (insert sarcasm here) Goodbye any chance of sleeping in on the weekends now. It was nice knowing you!

He is so excited so I guess that smile on his face (see pic below) is worth the extra hour of sleep I will be losing on Saturday mornings. We picked up his jersey on Wed night after the meeting and we pretty much had to peel it off his body Thursday morning before he went to school.

He is also playing with some of his best friends from school. So, us moms have bought our "official soccer viewing chairs" and are now on the mad hunt for cute soccer mom shirts. Which makes me excited about soccer too!

Bryant, Jonah and Cade showing off their new jersey's. Not pictured are Austin and Torin.


hoLLy said...

so shin guards are a must(with all those kids kicking at the ball/each other like mad), but they are actually requiring the cleats at that age? you're right- thats a little crazy! a lot of leagues just ask for athletic shoes or cleats. we had 8am games when aubrey was little(i think they have the younger ones play so early because of the heat). it was hard getting us all there in time but worth it not being in the crazy summer heat. have fun jonah and friends! :)

Formerly Gracie said...

So cute!

We put off soccer until the fall, but I secretly can't wait either.

Have so much fun!!!

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