Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th of July

The weather forecast did not look very positive for American’s birthday celebration weekend.  It rained on Friday and Saturday so when we woke up on Sunday morning to sunshine we put our gears in motion and headed outdoors to celebrate what was left of the holiday weekend. First we attended the 4th of July parade in downtown McKinney. This was our first year to ever attend a parade in McKinney even though we have lived here for eight years and I have to say I think the tiny town of Teague puts on a better parade than what we witnessed. At least in  Teague you will see a tractor or two pulling a couple of floats and at least a handful of people that are drinking alcoholic beverages out of a pitcher with a straw in the back of a truck throw handfuls of candy at the kids (I mean I don’t really know if that happens I’m just guessing..Ahem). Jonah seemed a “little” excited about the fire trucks and the motorcycles and Meredith “kind of” waved at some of the people riding in the cars. Needless to say I’m not sure we’ll be venturing downtown next year for the “big” parade.

After lunch and a long afternoon nap we packed up the car with all the firework spectator necessities: blanket, chairs, camera, snacks, drinks and a few toys in case the fireworks show was coordinated by the same person that coordinated the parade. 

And apparently it was. Ten minutes to pack the necessities, Fifteen minutes to pack the car and put the kids in their car seats and another ten minutes to drive to the ballpark to watch the fireworks show. Of course we arrived early in case there was a crowd so we spent another 15 minutes with Jonah asking at least once every minute of those 15 minutes when the fireworks show was going to start.  Finally, the show started at 9:45 and lasted a mere fifteen minutes. At the end even Jonah said “That’s it??”

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