Monday, July 12, 2010

We do feed her, I promise!

We left a “bulk” box (thank you Costco) of Fruit Loops and Applejacks (because I believe in feeding the kids only the healthiest cereal) on the floor next to the trashcan because Josh was getting ready to take out the trash. Except Miss M confiscated it while he was putting on his shoes upstairs and decided to eat the few remaining pieces of cereal from the box. On the floor. Off her feet. And what do I do? Grab my camera of course. I just can’t pass up Kodak moments like this. It’s part of my official job as a mother. I think as a Mother I am also not suppose to let my children eat off the floor and keep plastic bags out of their reach but you know…….

IMG_1846 copy


Katie said...

That is AWESOME, what a cutie!! Way to go capturing such an adorable pic momma!!

Formerly Gracie said...

Eh! Look at it this way, you're raising her to be a resourceful gal. Not a bad quality in the least :-D

P.S. She is getting so big!

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