Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Four and a Half

We celebrate “half” birthdays at our house. I figure you get so few days that are actually your own and I love any kind of celebration so we started celebrating “half” birthday’s after Jonah was born.

Jonah turned four and half on September 21st. He didn’t feel well on his actual half birthday so we postponed it to the next night. After t-ball pictures and practice we took our little guy (Meredith stayed home with the nanny) out to dinner at Palio’s pizza cafe and had ice cream afterwards. We went to Target and let Jonah pick out “one” toy. He picked out Buzz Lightyear. He has been obsessed with Toy Story ever since TS3 came out and he went to see it with Josh at the movie theatre.

Jonah is just the most amazing little boy. He has a big personality and an even bigger heart.

He is our little sunshine!

four and a half

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