Sunday, September 05, 2010

Labor Day – Pool Party with friends

I love Labor Day because that means a three day weekend. I wish every weekend was a three day weekend. It gives us the right amount of R&R so that we feel refreshed when we head back to work.

This year we were invited to our friends the Sipka’s for a Labor Day Pool party. Meredith is in class with their daughter Claire and Jonah plays t-ball with their son Charlie. Their dad, Joe, also happens to be their t-ball coach. Lisa and I met through my friend Kelly and her family. They were also at the party as well as another friend Angie and her family that I met through Kelly. All of the older kids play t-ball together so it was a fun group to spend the day with!

My picture taking skills were a little off that day and I didn’t get a ton of great shots. I wish I had taken more of the kids. But I was more focused on the Sangria and keeping Meredith from drowning in the pool seeing as I forgot her floaties. Meredith was also not in a sharing mood that day and decided to have a 15 minute temper tantrum over cheese puffs. Yes, cheese puffs. See picture below. She finally wore herself out on the swing after stripping down to her swim diaper. See last picture. I think that picture pretty much sums up our day.

IMG_2504 copy IMG_2567 copy IMG_2575 copy IMG_2577 copy IMG_2591 copy IMG_2623 copy

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