Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Assistant Chefs

There once was a boy who decided he wanted to help his Mommy cook dinner one night a week as part of his new weekly allowance chore list.

The Mommy was very excited to have some additional help in the kitchen for several reasons.

1) The Daddy was usually on his way home from work at this time so it would be nice to have an extra set of hands in the kitchen.
2) It would entertain his younger sister.
3) If the boy helped with dinner then maybe he would be more open to try new foods if he was the one who helped prepare them.

So the Mommy printed out the recipe for the boy's first dinner request: Meatloaf. All the ingredients were gathered and placed on the counter. The boy and his sister climbed up on the counter with big smiles, eager to start cooking.

Taking turns so nicely the boy and his sister began mixing the ingredients into a large bowl.

First the boy cracked the egg.

Then his sister poured in the grated cheese.

The boy then taught his sister how to hit the bottom of the measuring cup to make sure all the cheese came out.

After the other ingredients were added, the Mommy told the boy and his sisister it was time for the fun part. Mixing all the ingredients together with their hands.

The boy and his sister did not think that part was very fun because they did not like getting their hands dirty. They both immediately asked to be taken to the sink so they could wash their hands. It seemed the help in the kitchen were bailing on the Mommy.

The Mommy laughed at the children's funny expressions and finished preparing the meatloaf all by herself. After it was ready the Mommy put the meatloaf in the oven and then the boy closed the oven door and set the timer.

Since the cooking was done the boy decided it was time for a rock out session on the Paper Jamz guitar. The boy, his sister and the Mommy danced and sang in the kitchen until dinner was finally done.

The End.

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