Friday, February 16, 2007

If I was going to be reincarnated I would want to come back as Riley!

After having two stressful client calls this morning and hating my job (hate is such a strong word I'll use dislike..nah I'm going with hate)** Okay, for anyone from my work reading this I really don't hate my job. I just hated it for a couple hours this morning! Most days I love my job and I am very fortunate to have it and be able to work from home! We are all entitled to hate our jobs every once in a while, right? ** Anyway, I walked into the living room to find Riley laid out like this on the couch and I thought for a moment - What a sweet life he has! He sleeps a minimum of 15 hours a day (give or take) and when he's not asleep he's getting to go on walks, getting his tummy rubbed, eating treats, chasing toys (either thrown by us or himself!!), riding in the car in our lap with his head out the window (even if it's 20 degrees outside), sleeping in our bed with his head on our pillow, shredding paper that we have to clean up, or getting to go shopping (at Petsmart for toys and treats). He never has to worry about bills, what to cook for dinner, what to wear, being late for work, getting fired or outsourced, traffic, telemarketers, washing clothes, cleaning the house, being a good parent, finding life balance, etc. My list could go on and on but that means I would have thought for much longer than a moment ;) I mean the saying goes The grass is always greener on the other side but does that apply to dogs or any domestic animal for that matter because those that are in good loving homes seem to have a pretty sweet setup! Anyway, just a thought! I think I'm going to go now, eat a treat and take a nap, maybe even shred a newspaper! ;) Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Amy said...

I think I would like to come back as my dog too! All she does is lay around and do nothing, how fun is that??

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