Friday, February 16, 2007

Too Sweet!

I had two early conference calls yesterday morning before I took Jonah to school so I put him in his jumper and turned on the best baby product ever created for Parents (Baby Einstein) while I took my calls. Before I receive any negative feedback regarding that comment let me just explain that Jonah is very VERY active and curious and when you set him down on the floor you can't even turn away for a second before he will be in the next room trying to find to anything that he can get his hands on. The latest fascination is anything that is crystal and has Waterford written on the bottom. And yes I know that I should put them out of his tiny little reach but I refuse to let my house be overtaken by an 11 month old and turned into his personal Toy R Us!! I have a tent and a wagon sitting in my living room and I think that's asking alot! Anyway, after my calls I went upstairs to check on him and this is how I found him! Is this not the most precious little face ever! So you want to put the Ball Pit where? In the formal Dining Room? Okay!
With that face, I think I'm going to be in a lot of trouble! ;)

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