Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fun in the Sprinklers!

When we were little there wasn't a Lifetime Indoor pool or Mommy and Me Swim classes. We had the city park pool but no one ever went there because there was that one boy sitting in the corner of the pool and the water by him was always warm! Yuck! We had the country club but that meant that our parents had to get dressed, drive us there, and then we always ended up running up a huge bill on my parent's tab. In our defense swimming makes you very hungry and thirsty!

So, when all of those options were out we resorted to throwing on our swimsuits and turning on the sprinklers. We had more fun and spent hours jumping over the water, running through the water with your eyes closed, with your eyes open, your mouth open. We made up a ton of games with that water hose and that sprinkler! I firmly believed we learned a lot of critical thinking skills playing in that water! It was a blast!

Well, on Sunday at Jon and Amy's we turned on the sprinklers and let Kayla and Jonah loose. They had so much fun! Enjoy the photos!

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*lauren* said...

look at those sweet babies...I can't belive theyre already so BIG!!!

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