Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weekend Warriors

Josh and I took last Thursday and Friday off. Thursday we had tickets to the Byron Nelson but after we took Jonah to school that morning we ended up crawling back in bed to take a little nap and woke up at 3pm!! We couldn't believe we slept so long but it was much needed rest! We went out to a late lunch and that was pretty much our day! Friday we packed and headed down to Austin and stayed with Jon, Amy and Kayla on Friday night and then went to San Marcos on Saturday for Josh's fraternity reunion. At the Delt House while the guys were having their meeting Jonah and I had a picnic outside with our friend Kristin Deitch and her 6 month old son Cooper and 4 year old daughter Madison. After that most of the guys headed to the Tap Room for drinks. The Deitch Family and the Schneider family headed to the Outlet Mall and did a little shopping! Afterwards we all met back up at Outback Steakhouse for dinner. When we got back to the hotel Jonah and I crashed and Josh went back out with some of the guys!

Sunday was Josh's birthday! We went out for lunch and then unfortunately he had to go to San Antonio for a conference so he left to go down there and Jonah and I went back to Jon and Amy's. I decided that I wasn't going to try driving back to Dallas with a 1 year old without any help. So, I waited until Jonah fell asleep at 8:30pm! That way he would sleep the whole way home. I'm surprised he never woke up even with me singing my heart out to Josh Groban!! He must have been really tired! LOL. We finally made it home around Midnight! It was a long and tiring weekend but we had a good time!

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