Monday, September 24, 2007

Shannon joins the club!

One of my best friend's finally joined the club and said goodbye to 29 and hello to 30 on Sept 19th so we had a girl's night out to celebrate on Saturday. Vicky, Lindsey, and I took her to dinner at Gloria's on Greenville and we tried to have dessert at a chocolate bar on McKinney Avenue but that didn't work out so well. So, then we headed to Martini Ranch for drinks only to find out that it was no longer Martini Ranch and was now some kind of lounge that didn't look like much fun at all so we ended up at a place called Republic for drinks. Shannon's husband Bryce met us out and we hung out for awhile and then headed home around midnight! I don't think you are allowed to stay out after midnight if you are over 30!! ;) Shannon and I tried very hard to think of a place to eat dessert on our way back home to McKinney but unfortunately there are no Kerbey Lane's in Dallas like in Austin so we were out of luck!

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