Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I need a Hero!!

Josh and I were finally able to watch the Heroe's season premiere last night after we put Jonah to bed! I had to TiVo it on Monday night because I had a Junior League meeting. All I can say is "This is the greatest show ever!!" I am so addicted and am already counting the days until the next episode! Every scene is exciting and leaves you wanting more and more! I can already tell that this season is going to be even better than last season. Shannon and I were talking at lunch today and decided that this show could possibly go on forever because their are so many story lines that they could go with and you know what, I would be okay with that! If you have not watched this show then I strongly urge you to either rent last season or buy it on DVD. You will not be disappointed and you will instantly be hooked like me and Josh!


Amy said...

Definitely one of my FAVORITE shows, it's so AWESOME!!

Amy said...

So I had to "steal" your playlist and put it on my blog too! It is so cool!

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