Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jonah turns 19 months old

On October 21st Jonah turned 19 months old. He is really becoming such a little boy. He talks in real phrases now, repeats everything which means we have to really watch what we say and he's always on the go. He is starting to try more adult type foods. I think we have finally passed the chicken nuggets only phase! He loves to explore and play games, especially wrestling with Riley and jumping on the bed every chance he gets! He's growing and changing so much everyday but one thing is for sure - He's 100% boy! There are so many new things he's doing and saying. I don't have enough room to list them all so I'll share the condensed version. Here are some of his newest favorites.

"Riley's a dog" (I think he just realized this!)
"Fish in cup please" (translation - Please put Goldfish in my snack cup)
"More cheese please"
"I go tee tee diaper" (follwed by grabbing a diaper and laying on the floor with his legs in the air! too cute!)
"Hi Pig" "Oink Oink" referring to his toy piggy bank
"1-2-3 Go!" This means chase me!
"I got it!" I don't know what he's "got" but he says it all the time!

Tacos - he actually grabbed one off my plate the other night and ate the whole thing!
Toast with Jelly
Turkey Sandwiches

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Amy said...

Wow girl, you are a busy blogger! He is just growing so fast and is so darn cute!

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