Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

Primrose had their Fall Festival and Parade on Friday. Jonah dressed up as his current favorite animal, the Tiger. We've had his costume for some time and he has refused to put on. He would actually start crying when I tried to even put one of the sleeves over his arm. But apparently peer pressure among the young toddler age group is pretty powerful and when he saw his classmates putting on their costumes, well he had no choice but to follow suit. He paraded around the school saying "Roar" to everyone and really got into character by crawling on all fours in the grass like a real tiger! After we got home he refused to take off the pants.


Amy said...

Kathryn would not wear her costume last year. She pitched a fit every time I entered the room with it. So she just went trick or treating in her Halloween t-shirt.

lauren_kitts said...

now thats a schneider

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