Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Hustle

We had a busy weekend this past weekend. Jonah's school Christmas party was on Friday afternoon and then Josh and I went on a date Friday night. Saturday we had Josh's company Christmas party and then on Sunday we did a little shopping and ran errands most of the day!

Jonah had a good time at his party. He ate a ton of marshmallows and vanilla wafers! I think the teachers enjoy giving them all that sugar right before they send them home! LOL. I had a hard time taking any good pics at the party because Jonah would not let me out of his site and refused to sit at the table when I got there! Jonah is transitioning to the Young Toddler's 2 class this week. He is excited about reuniting with his old friends from his Nursery Days! He is moving over with his friend Isabelle whom he calls "Belle." When I asked Jonah if Belle was his girlfriend he said "Yea." The teachers tell me they like each other a lot!

Jonah and some of his friends

Giving Isabelle a hug!

Giving Samantha a hug! Watch out Jonah Isabelle might get a little jealous!!

Josh helped Jonah hang the ornament we made at the party on the Christmas Tree!

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