Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weekly Recap

* Jonah enjoying his first Candy Cane

* Santa came to visit Jonah's school this week but Jonah didn't want anything to do with him so Mommy had to sit in Santa's lap while holding Jonah to get a picture! Of course it was the one day that week I didn't get dressed before taking Jonah to school. I'm talking not even lip gloss!

* So that Josh could play with his early Christmas gift (a Playstation 3)upstairs on the big TV on Sunday, Jonah and I hung out downstairs and watched a movie. He actually sat on the couch with me and watched the First Wives Club - the whole thing! We also shared a bag of Dorito's. I think more of them ended up on Jonah's face than in his mouth!

* Meet Wuzzy...The Black Fuzzy Catapillar! I found this catapillar out on our patio and I thought it would be fun to keep it, care for it, and let Jonah watch to see what it turned into. But after few days we decided to put it back outside where it belonged! I was hoping it would attach itself to one of the bushes in the front but by the next day it was gone!

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