Friday, February 29, 2008

This is not good...

Do you see what Jonah is holding in his hands??? Yes, that is a Sony Playstation game controller! Why is he holding it?? Because he has decided that he is going to play Playstation now with Josh. He evern refers to the controller as "Jonah's controller" Last night when we went upstairs to take his bath Jonah casually walked over to the Playstation and picked up the controller and said "Daddy play" I told Jonah that he could come play with Daddy after he was finished with his bath (thinking surely he would forget). I was wrong! As soon as we finished putting on his pj's and he piled his 10 blankets on the couch beside Josh it was like this lightbulb went off and then he said "Oh!" and jumped down off of the couch, ran into the bathroom, and grabbed the controller. He got back on the couch beside Josh and said "I play!" Josh was already playing a game of Oblivion so Jonah sat there and started pressing buttons and then he started telling Josh what to do on the game! "Go downstairs! "Go fru (through) that door!" Then when Josh's character had to fight one of the creatures on the game, Jonah told him "Be nice!" Too funny! My mommy radar should have gone off to warn me at that point that his comment probably meant the game was too violent for him to watch but I was too intrigued with the way he thought he was actually playing the game and giving Josh pointers! Does that make me a bad mommy?? Is he going to grow up now to be one of those kids that just sits in his room eating cheetos and playing Playstation for hours on end???


Around The Funny Farm said...

No, this does not make you a bad mama!

You just gave yourself the perfect "I'm going to ground you..." weapon though!


OHmommy said...

Cheetos and Playstation. LOL! Funny image.

I read your blogger profile. I puffy heart so many things you do. We should talk!

Amy said...

Love that little dude!
My girls are ADDICTED to the Wii!

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