Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Riley!

Riley turned 4 years old on Saturday! He had a full day of birthday excitement!
A little history on Riley:
When Josh and I were on our honeymoon in Greece our dog Major was hit by a car and died. We were devastated. So much that we almost came home but decided there wasn't much we could do so we stayed couped up in our hotel room for a whole day and mourned! Anyway, after we came back home I found it very hard to not have a dog around. Especially with all of Major's toys, etc. laying around the house. So, after trying to adopt several dogs with no luck we decided to go to the pet store in Frisco and that's where we met Riley! He was six weeks old and a big ball of white fluff! He was the cutest little thing I had ever seen and when they brought him into the meet and greet area the first thing he did was try to eat our toes! We were instantly in love! So, our little bundle of fur came home with us that day and that's how it all began. I think because our time with Major was so short we became very protective of Riley and very attached. He was like our little baby! So, he goes with us everywhere and he is very spoiled. Some might say we are a little weird about our dog but if you have ever met Riley he is like this little person trapped in a dog's body! He has such a quirkly little personality! It's hard not to love him! But make sure you keep the part about him being a dog on the DL. He doesn't really know that he's a dog :)

This is a picture of Riley the day we brought him home!

So anyway, to celebrate the big number 4 Riley had bacon for breakfast and then that afternoon we took him on a long walk to the park and played fetch. Afterwards we treated him to a chicken dinner (his favorite) and then he opened his present (his other favorite - chicken jerky!) Jonah even sang happy birthday to him and then kept saying "Happy Birthday Ri-wee" the rest of the evening!

Opening his birthday present

Relaxing after a day of good food and fun!


This Southern Belle said...

Oh, what a little poofball! How could you possibly resist such a sweet thing when you first saw him?

That's so sweet that you guys gave him such a great birthday!

Cody said...

I remember when Riley was just a ball of fur... You are SO right, he has a personality, he truly does not believe he is a dog... Does he still go to McDonald's for Nuggets???? Love reading how you guys are doing!! Give Jonah a HUG, and tell Josh HI!!! Cody

The Slades said...

You know he's just a dog, right? ;)

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