Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busy Bees

Things have been really busy around here and I have been neglecting my blog! Out of town trips, weddings, play dates, Junior League and birthdays have been occupying our weeks and weekends! Instead of taking a nap with Jonah today, I decided I should probably spend some time with updates! So, here we go.....

Since Jonah has been home with me he has been a little social butterfly busy with play dates and with his new obsession - Soccer! I enrolled him in a soccer class a few weeks ago and he loves his "soccer ball class" (as he calls it)! I haven't attempted to take pictures yet but don't worry before the class ends I will be sure to snap a few pics of our little soccer fanatic!

Play date with Ryan at the park

Our friends Jenn and Vince's wedding

Play date at the Mall - Jonah's favorite - the Carousel!

Trip to Georgetown to see Kayla
Painting with water - (Note to Moms: no mess and provides hours of fun outside!)

Jonah's weekend with Jerod (aka JJ) while Josh was in Arizona and I was volunteering with Junior League!

JJ lets me eat the good stuff - PIZZA!

We had a play date with Jonah's friend Isabelle and her Mom, Erica, at the McKinney Library for storytime and then we had lunch at Chick-fil-A! Jonah has really missed his "Belle"! He asks about her all the time and when he finally saw her at the library he ran around dancing! It was so cute! I'm just mad at myself for not taking any pictures of the two of them together! We'll have to get together again soon!


Visit from Grandma

Play date at the park with Ashton and Reese
I had to use a couple of Sarah's pictures of Reese and Jonah because they were just SO cute!

Our friend John's 30th Birthday party!


Courtney said...

yeah your back!! I enjoyed catching up!!! Great pictures!!

This Southern Belle said...

You HAVE been busy! Great pictures! :)

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