Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feeling Left Out

Mine and Josh's conversation a few days ago.

Monda - "So, did you happen to check out our blog today?"

Josh - "It's not "our" blog!"

Monda - "What do you mean it's not "our" blog?"

Josh - "When was the last time you put anything on there about me or something I did?"

Monda - "I always put pictures of you on the blog!"

Josh - "Yes, but they are pictures of you and me or me and Jonah. There's never anything on there about what I've been doing."

I started thinking about Josh's comment and you know...technically, he's right! I usually only put updates on the blog that include me and/or Jonah and Josh. I really never thought about the fact that I don't blog about what's going on with Josh!

So Sweetie, I'm sorry! I promise to start including more posts about your activities and achievements! With that being said, here's a post to let everyone know what you have been up to over the last couple of years when you are not busy at work! Josh spends a lot of time with us but when he's not busy with a family event, he works out, he's also very involved with the Alumni chapter of his fraternity, and when he's not doing one of those activities, he's playing tennis! Josh is a phenomenal tennis player and here are the awards to prove it. For the last two years he has been the Champion in the Allen League in Men's 4.0 Singles as well as the Champion in the Men's 4.0 Singles with the Fretz Tennis Center in Dallas! (We haven't picked up the last Trophy from Allen yet!)


Sarah said...

That is too funny! Johnny doesn't even look at my blog, but I am the same way on my posting. I mainly post about the girls anyways!

Way to go, Josh!

Courtney said...

Way to go Josh!!! We had so muuch fun with you guys last weekend, we need to do that more often!!

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