Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day - The Schneider Footprint

Happy Earth Day! In honor of Earth Day here are some of the things we do and use around our house to help protect and save our planet and make our house more organic and healthier for our family!

* We only use Organic Cleaning products. I love the Green Works products and the Method products they sell at Target.
* To protect Riley, we only use soap and water to clean the floors in our house. There have been studies that show that chemicals in wood floor cleaners and tile cleaners can cause serious problems in animals that may lick the floor and ingest the chemical residue over time.
* We try to purchase as many organic food items as we can - especially when it comes to Jonah's food. Organic peanut butter, juices, milk, fruit, meat, etc.
* We recycle!
* We use energy saving light bulbs.
* We try to remember to always turn off the lights when we leave a room (it's a work in progress!)
* We stopped using bath products full of chemicals. Now we use all natural organic products for ourselves and Jonah.
* Josh traded in his Jaguar for a more fuel efficient vehicle. He didn't purchase a hybrid but it does use less gas.

I know it's not much but hopefully it will have some sort of impact and at least we are teaching Jonah the importance of being "Green"!

Here is my favorite new website with lots of tips on living a "Gorgeously Green" life without having to give up your Manolos for tofu and hemp! www.gorgeouslygreen.com

Now I'm off to buy some reusable totes for shopping!!

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