Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Labor Day Laziness

Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! Our weekend was pretty uneventful but exactly what we needed. For all the time and labor we put into our jobs it was nice to have a weekend to spend with our family and friends and Do. Absolutely. Nothing.

Saturday Jerod came over and we grilled out and watched movies. Sunday we went over to our friends Johnny and Sarah's house for a little get together and a yummy dinner with ribs, chicken and some great side dishes that I have to get the recipes for! Since I couldn't drink what everyone else was drinking, I had the "Special Drink" which is made of OJ, Sprite and a little lime! So tasty and so addicting! Jonah had a lot of fun playing with the kids and even managed to get a few kisses from his girlfriend Reese!

After dinner they brought out the game Rock Band! If you've never played it I highy recommend it! It was a lot of fun watching the adults live out their fantasy as a rock star but I really loved watching the kids especially my little Jonah who took the mic and wouldn't give it back. He also got a big kick out of playing the drums and he and Reese had their own drum solo. I think we might have a little musical talent on our hands!

Sunday was by far our laziest day! We stayed in our PJ's all day long! Jonah and I watched a Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood marathon and Josh watched the US Open all afternoon! While I love tennis I couldn't tear myself away from Tori and Dean. I'll catch all the really good matches this week and next weekend! After our eyes were glazed over from all the TV and our bellies were full from snacking all day, Josh made fajitas and then we watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. Then we bid farewell to our lazy labor day and it was time to get ready for the work week! So depressing. At least it's a short work week. So, how long until Thanksgiving break???

The men watch over the grill

Bring it on Bobby Flay!

Jonah's "Rock Band" Performance (Sorry the quality of the video isn't so great. I was recording it on my point and shoot camera)


Kim said...

I've heard great things about Rock Band. That video is too cute!

Your new family picture is so great! You'll have to tell me who did that for you.

The DLG's said...

Oh man, rock band is super fun! I'm so glad to see you watched Tori and Dean, it's my (no longer) secret guilty pleasure! Ha, Ha!

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