Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Family Photo Session

Remember when family picture time came around and your mom would make you put on your blue velvet frilly lace dress, white hose, black patent dress shoes and a bow in your hair to match and then drive you 45 minutes to the nearest photographer's studio?

The photographer would make you sit in a white wicker chair with a blue sky backdrop and then make you pose while saying "look at the camera and smile"? Well, thankfully those days are over and photography has taken on a much more laid back, casual approach.

Our first photos with Jonah were taken in our house when Jonah was 6 weeks old and the photographer never asked us to pose. She wanted us to interact with Jonah while she worked her magic and the pictures, to my surprise, turned out great. Well, unfortunately she moved to Tenesseee.

Luckily I found another photographer in McKinney that I absolutely love. She has a similar style and even though I'm always nervous that she isn't going to capture any cute photos of a determined little boy that is running around with his own agenda she always amazes me with the outcome! Here are some of my favorite pictures of our last session with Andrea over at Andrea B Photography

After we were walking back to our car at the end of our session, Jonah found a construction site and got so excited about seeing a backhoe and bulldozer that Andrea snapped a few pictures of him enjoying his new discovery. I love the mischevious look on his little face as he throws a rock! Something he knows is a no-no! These are the expressions and the memories you can't capture in a boring stuffy studio picture!


Amy said...

GREAT pics, you guys are a beautiful family!

Courtney said...

She did an awesome job. I love all the backgrounds!! very cool. Outside shots are too fun!

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