Monday, November 17, 2008

Party Animal

After the Backyardigans we headed to a birthday party for Jonah's friend Quanah, who turned 7 years old, at Pump it Up! Jonah loves bounce houses which is why we ended up purchasing our very own for the backyard. They provide hours of fun and a great night's sleep!

Jonah played for hours through the maze of bounce houses, played air hockey with Josh, he ate pizza (dinner #2) and then cake! Apparently he had worked up quite the appetite! Jonah was one of the youngest kids there but he had no problem keeping up with the older kids!

Five minutes after we backed out of the parking lot Jonah passed out!

1 comment:

The DLG's said...

You have your own bounce house? That is soooo cool. He is so cute!

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