Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sentence reduced to "on parole"

I had another appointment and sonogram yesterday and it was determined that I have "marginal placenta previa". But the good news is that my doctor said that this tends to correct itself and the placenta tends to migrate back up during the remainder of the pregnancy. So, they will closely monitor it and until my next sonogram I have been placed on "restricted activity" instead of complete bedrest. I guess that's good! Bedrest is a lot harder than I anticipated! I still can't do any strenuous activity that might provoke bleeding including walking or standing for long periods of time, walking up and down the stairs, or heavy lifting. This means I still can't pick up Jonah and that's killing me but he's been very sweet and every time I tell him I can't pick him up because my tummy is hurting he gives my tummy a little kiss!

Baby Schneider doesn't seem to be affected by my "MPP" though! She was very active during my sonogram yesterday and seemed to be growing and progressing right along and that's the most important thing!

Thank you to all my friends and family that have called, texted, emailed, and followed up on Facebook to see how I was doing!! Your prayers and well wishes were granted because it looks like everything is going to be okay. I just have to continue to take it easy and rest because Baby Schneider will be here before you know it so I guess I need to take advantage and get all the rest I can get right now!!

Here are the newest pictures of our little girl!

I love the caption the ultrasound tech wrote on this picture "I am still a girl" with an arrow pointing to the specific area!


This Southern Belle said...

oh, yay! I am so glad! Take it easy, girl!

lauren_kitts said...

you are in our prayers... glad to hear you can get up again... but if I were you I wouldn't tell josh... ha ha

Kim said...

I will definitely keep you in my prayers, Monda! Please take it easy and let your boys take care of you :)

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