Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving: Part 1

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday probably because we have multiple Thanksgiving Day celebrations with our family and that means lots of yummy food and good times with family. November is always a busy month for us! This weekend we had Thanksgiving dinner with Josh's Dad and Susan before we rode the Polar Express. Susan started a tradition last year making Thanksgiving placemats for Jonah and Kayla and then this year Christian made his first placemat. So, they enjoyed making their "hand" painted turkey and decorating their placemat with markers and colors. Jonah and Kayla also had so much fun playing in the leaves in the yard, playing chase and riding in the wagon. After lunch we tried to put them down for a nap before riding on the train but that didn't work out so well. They were having so much fun laying in Oma and Opa's bed together reading books and watching the Polar Express that they never fell asleep!

I can't wait until a couple of years from now when there will be four cousins, maybe more, running around and playing together during the holidays! That is something I really missed out on as a child growing up. All of our extended family lived on the East Coast so we never celebrated holidays with them and being by far the youngest in my family I didn't have anyone to play with during the holidays so that's something I always wanted my kids to have and now they do so it makes me very happy! I love having all the family around and the chaos of it all!

Jonah and Kayla

Christian's adorable smile

Reading together in Opa and Oma's bed

Watching the Polar Express on Jonah's portable DVD player when they should be taking a nap!

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Erica Wink said...

I love the picture of Jonah and his cousin working on the laptop. So cute! They look like a cute little couple, you know besides the cousin thing =)

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