Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Super Hero Birthday!

Birthday's are a big deal in our house! Since Josh is an identical twin he always had to share his birthday with his brother Jon so once we got married we started our own family tradition to make birthday's extra special for everyone! The celebration begins when you wake up in the morning and lasts until you go to sleep at night!

This year we had balloons and donut holes ready for Jonah's 3rd birthday when he woke up and then we headed to his party where he celebrated with all his "super" friends including the Spectacular Spiderman! We celebrated Saturday evening with family and then our little "Super Hero" finally fell asleep! It was a perfect day!

Jonah had a couple of early birthday celebrations with his friend Ryan and his Grandma since they weren't going to be able come to his party! Ryan brought a Spiderman cake just for Jonah and they both enjoyed the red and blue icing!! Grandma came up and took him for icecream. You just can't go wrong with cake and icecream!!

"Please hurry and light the candles! We can't take it anymore!!"

Grill Master Jonah


The Clark Family said...

These pictures are so great, Monda. What a wonderful idea to have him wake up to a party on his special day! You are a great Mom!

Courtney said...

Great pics!!!! looks like he loved it! Spidey is coming to Carter's party too! Was Jonah so excited to see him?

The Slades said...

Love his "3" shirt!

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