Saturday, March 21, 2009

Turning Three

Today our sweet Jonah turns three years old!

For the last few days building up to this special day, we have revisited the memories of the day you were born and how much you have changed our lives in the last three years.

We are crazy in love with you!! You have the sweetest disposition of anyone we know. You are caring, charasmatic and our little comedian. You have taught us to be patient and how to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. We have learned from you that a rasberry on the face or tummy can cure a bad day and there's nothing to be afraid of in life as long as you have a sword, a little magic and Spiderman webs!

This has been a fascinating year. You’ve grown so much. Your imagination has really blossomed. You have your own mind and we love our conversations with you whether we are eating dinner, in the car, in the bathtub or laying in bed. You understand enough of the world now to interpret it and make your own choices. From making decisions for you, we now have to guide you to differentiate between what’s right and wrong and making good choices in life.

You are about to take on a new role as a big brother and we think you will do an amazing job. You knew from day one that you were having a baby sister. You have been very excited about her arrival and ask us everyday if she's here yet. You love to give Mommy's belly little kisses and say "I love you baby sister." We already see the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

So many joyous memories of a year gone by. You are growing up fast, absorbing the world around, and also giving back in your own small way. Your smile and laughter is a joy to behold, and we hope that always stays with you - regardless of down days that may come your way. Life is full of choices, and you’ve already started making yours. We love the way you look at life - living for the moment, with everything that’s past being “yesterday” and everything in the future being “tomorrow.” Happy Birthday, Snugglebug.

Welcome Year Four of your life.


hoLLy said...

happy birthday to your sweet little jonah! its true-they change so much from ages 2 to 3, its unbelievable! and every year that comes and goes seems to come and go quicker. treasure these moments! it goes by so fast. i'm speaking as if i'm a grandparent i know, but i still cannot believe i have a 7 year old. its gone by too fast! it makes me sad:( but i love every age shes been and look forward to the experiences of each year to come. and another gift i believe God has given us, is to be able to experience it all over again when we have another little one. i love being a mom and the wonderful blessings it brings into my life. i don't know what i'd do without my girls! i'm so excited for you to have your new little one. and from what i've read, it does sound like jonah will be an amazing big brother!

Katie said...

Such a sweet tribute!! Hope Y'all had a wonderful day!

The Clark Family said...

I love this note, Monda. I am all choked up reading it. You have me thinking about my own little letter to Conor. It is beautiful.

The Slades said...

Neat picture!!

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